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The Best Activities For Kids On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

The Best Activities For Kids On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

When it comes to selecting the perfect family cruise, one crucial factor often tips the scales: the range and quality of activities available for kids. Understanding that every ship offers a unique experience, especially for our younger cruisers, is vital to making an informed choice. So, what do Royal Caribbean kids’ activities provide that will keep your little ones engaged and content?

With Royal Caribbean, you’re not just booking a holiday; you’re unlocking a world of adventure and entertainment for your children. In this guide, we delve into the vibrant array of kids’ activities on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. We’ll share with you why these floating resorts are a top pick for families, blending the thrill of exploration with the comforts of state-of-the-art facilities. 

So, let’s set sail and discover why Royal Caribbean kids are some of the happiest at sea!

The Adventure Ocean Program: Where Learning Meets Fun

At the heart of Royal Caribbean’s family-friendly ethos is the Adventure Ocean Program. It’s more than just a Royal Caribbean kids club; it’s an immersive experience that blends education with entertainment. 

Royal Caribbean kids’ programs are tailored to various age groups, ensuring that whether your child is a curious toddler, a spirited tween, or a sophisticated teen, they’ll find activities crafted just for them. From fun games, crafts, and puzzles to themed parties, talent shows, and movie nights, the kids’ club on Royal Caribbean ships is the place to be. 

Royal Caribbean kids’ club ages range from 3-12 years old: Aquanauts (ages 3-5 years), Explorers program (ages 6-8 years) and Voyagers (ages 9-12 years). There are also teen-only spaces where older kids can enjoy games, sports and parties with the freedom to come and go as they please. 

For babies aged 6-36 months, there’s a Royal Babies & Tots program led by trained staff offering age-appropriate activities.

Water Wonderlands: Splashaway Bay and H20 Zone

Ready for some splash-tastic fun? On Royal Caribbean ships, kids have two fantastic water park options. 

First up, Splashaway Bay! It’s like a mini water kingdom with a giant tipping bucket and wacky waterslides that’ll have children giggling with joy. Whether your little ones are just starting to explore or are ready for bigger thrills, there’s a slide just for them. Alongside, there is a baby zone – a safe haven for tiny tots with ankle-high water, a small slide, and various playful splash apparatus. 

Then there’s the H2O Zone – a colourful, watery playground perfect for toddlers. It’s got everything from gentle water geysers to cool sculptures. The little ones can paddle safely in shallow waters, while the bigger kids have deeper pools to make a bigger splash. 

Royal Caribbean ships tend to have one or the other water park on board, so check if one seems particularly inviting for your younger ones before booking. 

Thrills and Chills: Rock Climbing, Ice Skating, and Surf Simulators

Many of Royal Caribbean kids’ activities are renowned for their adventurous spirit. For example, the signature rock climbing walls, with safe and supervised climbs, offer challenges for all skill levels. On select ships, the ice-skating rink is not only a place for freestyle skating but also hosts spectacular ice shows.

And the FlowRider surf simulator allows your kids to ride the waves in a safe, controlled environment, adding a splash of excitement to the sea days.

Under the Stars: Outdoor Movie Nights and Stargazing

There’s something magical about watching a movie under the open sky, with the gentle sea breeze and the stars above. Royal Caribbean’s outdoor movie nights are a hit with families, providing a relaxing way to wind down after a day of adventure. 

Another of one of the fabulous kids’ activities on some Royal Caribbean ships is stargazing. Sailing in the middle of the ocean provides some amazing opportunities for all the family to marvel at the wonders of the night sky.

Educational Workshops and Family Activities

Some of the kids’ activities on Royal Caribbean also have an educational twist. There’s the Adventure Science Lab, where budding scientists of all ages can engage in all kinds of fun science experiments, from discovering the magic of chemistry to digging for fossils. For a touch of creativity, Adventure Art offers the opportunity to try cool, culturally inspired craft projects, while Adventure Ocean Theatre gives kids the chance to develop their performance skills.

Best Royal Caribbean Ships for Kids

When you’re looking for the best kid-friendly Royal Caribbean ships, you’ll have plenty of choice. With 26 ships (and two more launched in 2024), each with different activities and amenities, it’s worth doing some research to find which ships best suit the ages and preferences of your children. 

While all Royal Caribbean ships have a great range of family-friendly activities, each class of ship has somewhat of a different vibe. Therefore, when looking for the best Royal Caribbean ships for kids, here are a few general guidelines:

  • For ages 3 to 5, look at Quantum-class ships, which are packed with activities suitable for preschool kids.
  • For ages 6 to 8, explore the Freedom-class ships, where the waterparks, VR trampolines and rock-climbing walls are firm favourites.
  • For ages 9 and over, check out Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships. These are some of the largest in the fleet and offer loads of adrenaline-packed activities, such as the surfing simulator, zip lines and exhilarating water slides.

Be aware that Royal Caribbean has age or height requirements for many of its activities. You don’t want to arrive on board only to find your child cannot take part in an activity because they are too young!

Do Kids Sail Free on Royal Caribbean?

One of the most enticing aspects of a Royal Caribbean cruise is their “Kids Sail Free” deals, which tend to run a few times each year. These offers allow children under a certain age (typically 12) to cruise for free when sharing a cabin with two paying adults. Royal Caribbean “Kids Sail Free” deals are an incredible way to save, making your dream family vacation even more attainable.

Royal Caribbean cruises offer a treasure trove of activities and experiences that cater to children of all ages. Whether through their engaging Adventure Ocean Program or the abundant onboard activities, there’s something for every young cruise guest, ensuring they have the most incredible holiday, meaning you can too!

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