The 2016 Ports No One Thought Were Possible

They say the world’s a small place and that there’s nowhere new to visit.

Well sorry in advance to any of the ‘they’s’ out there that think this but each year the cruise lines work hard to add new ports of call to their itineraries that have never been visited before (after 175 years of cruising you wouldn’t think there were many ports left to add!)

Known as maiden ports, they’re chosen for a variety of different reasons; from their beautiful scenery, fascinating history to their fun filled excursions.

The big question however is with so many new ports to choose from, which ones should you try out next?

We’ve gone through all the new ports for 2016 and brought you our favourites…



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Make sure to visit Rio during the Rio Carnival to experience the best that the city has to offer! Aside from the dazzling array of colour and sound, you can also explore the mountaintops, snap away at the 710m tall statue of Christ or dance the night away on Copacabana beach… Music and passion were always in fashion

Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates – Once a bare fishing village, this thriving metropolis is now one of the richest areas in the world. View the futuristic skyscrapers, museums or mosques and soak up some Eastern culture. You could even try your hand at bartering in the local bazaars – just make sure you know what you’re buying!

abu dhabi

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Crotone, Italy – Home to the guy that discovered a lot about triangles (also known as Pythagoras!) Crotone offers a beautiful historical visit for travellers. Crotone also provides great beaches, interesting ruins (with a castle that was supposedly part built by Hannibal) and tasty local restaurants.

crotone italy


Tarragona, Spain – With some of the world’s best preserved Roman ruins, a maze of cobbled lanes and truly medieval heart, Tarragona delivers travellers with a real journey into the past. The Roman amphitheatre is a great backdrop to the many restaurants and cafes and it’s said that Tarragona produces some of the best wine – so why not take a seat and try some!

tarragona spain

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Gaspe, Canada – The rugged coastline, diverse wildlife and picturesque villages of Canada have always appealed to visitors, and Gaspe is no exception. This small region is often called “the cradle of French America” because the land was once claimed for the French by Jacques Cartier in 1534. The area has since become known for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

gaspe canada


Genoa, Italy – Named European City of Culture in 2004, Genoa bustles with palaces, museums, maritime history and is the largest medieval centre in Europe. It houses Europe’s largest aquarium, narrow winding streets and the “boccadasse” area, which is an intriguing old mariner neighbourhood full of multi-coloured houses perched right on the sea.

2016 ports

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Royal Caribbean

Bermuda – Known for its beautiful pink sand beaches, Bermuda is full of things to do. Whether you want to dive to the depths of shipwrecks, explore the tropical gardens, have a look at the thriving art scene or go any buy yourself some of those famous Bermuda shorts- you’re sure to have a great trip in Bermuda!


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San Juan, Pueto Rico – The second oldest city in the Americas has a surprising range of rainforests, plazas, beaches, forts, shops and steep mountainside – meaning that you don’t have to choose between visiting a cultural port or a seaside one! Let yourself become immersed in the Spanish culture and heritage and visit one of the largest natural harbours in the world. If you are interested in what San Juan has to offer, read more about it in our guide.

2016 ports

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Avalon River Cruises

Amazon River, South America – The Amazon River has long been prized as the ultimate voyage of discovery, with new wildlife and civilisations being discovered from the time of Columbus to the present day. Cruise through the waterways explore the depths of the forest with excellent local guides and try to spot rare pink dolphins or share your dinner with a local tribe.



APT River Cruises

The Irrawaddy River, Burma – One of the world’s least explored destinations, Burma offers fascinating culture that is a world away from Western Civilisation. Travel amongst the beautiful temples, lush green forests and prepare to be wowed by this once-forgotten nation. If you’d like to find out more about Burma, read our guide here!

burma 2016 ports

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Do any of these ports of call take your fancy? Will you be visiting them in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!


would you consider sailing to any of these 2016 ports?


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