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Take A Full Video Tour Of Britannia

Take A Full Video Tour Of Britannia

With P&O’s newest ship Britannia now sailing the waves the www.CRUISE.co.uk team thought we’d round up our best videos of her to give you a full tour of the ship! Have you ever wondered what a balcony cabin would look like? Are you curious about the new spa, atrium or pools? Then take a tour with our video guides to the newest ship on the block. It’s not quite as good as being there but it’ll do till you get on-board!


The Main Atrium

With her starburst chandelier and stunning decor, take a tour of the heart of the ship and the surrounding restaurants and shops.

Cookery Club

Take a tour of James Martin’s cookery club and the cookery stations where you can learn from culinary masters.

The Swimming Pools

Fancy a dip? Have a look at the top deck and the many other areas to relax and unwind on-board


Leslie and Serena take you on a tour of the different cabin types and suites, so you know exactly what to expect from each room! We start off with a Balcony Cabin. 

Solo Balcony Cabin

Standard Inside Cabin

Super Deluxe Cabin

Large Cabin

Cabin Suite 

Adapted Cabin

Oasis Spa

See Britannia’s ultra luxurious spa for yourself and explore the different areas of relaxation.

The Laundrette

Have you ever wondered what a laundrette looks like on a cruise ship? Take a look below!

Britannia’s Bars

Explore the many venues to grab a pint, cocktail or coffee.


Feeling lucky? Find out what the on-board casino has to offer.

Dining Experience

See the restaurants first hand and view close ups of food served on-board.


We hope you enjoyed your tour! Has this pursuaded to you sail with Britannia? Have a look at some of our deals here…


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