Surprise Sailings: Would You Go For The ‘Lucky Dip’ Cruise?

Surprise Sailings: Would You Go For The ‘Lucky Dip’ Cruise?

Most of us book our cruises once we’ve narrowed down exactly where we want to go and what type of ship we want to call our home on the way there, right?

Well, whatever happened to surprises? Whatever happened to leaving things up to fate? Whatever happened to not completely obsessing over organisation and planning every detail?

Back in June, Fred Olsen announced its ‘Mystery Adventures’ where only the Captain onboard would know the destination.

Would the excitement of knowing you could be sailing to any corner of the world override not having a clue what to pack in your suitcase?

In the interest of surprises, Carnival has just revealed their decision to replace its ‘Carnival Live’ concert series with hosting concerts as surprise events on select sailings.

The Carnival Live programme, previously headlined by big names like Journey, Carrie Underwood and Chris Tucker, offered tickets with an extra fee since 2014.

Carnival spokesperson Vance Gulliksen stated that even though “Carnival Live is no longer a scheduled program as offered previously, on select sailings, we will offer concerts on an ad hoc basis…”

While the line started out offering multiple concerts each year, it slowed down significantly this year, with only one show held in February 2018 for free.


Let’s get straight to the point with the Top 10 Carnival cruises right now…

What did you vote in our poll? Are you open to the idea of surprises onboard or do you much prefer knowing exactly what you’re dealing with? Did you consider Fred Olsen’s ‘Mystery Adventures’? Let us know below!

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