Superheroes At Sea: New TV Programme Just For Disney Cruises

Superheroes At Sea: New TV Programme Just For Disney Cruises

A brand new TV show, themed to Marvel’s Doctor Strange, is coming to Disney Cruise Line.

In honour of the upcoming event, Marvel Day at Sea, Disney Parks has announced that this themed show will be joining the long line up of exclusive events honoring the superheroes and villains found in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on guests’ voyage on the seas.

This new Doctor Strange-themed show will be held at the Walt Disney Theatre and has been described to transform the theatre into the New York Sanctum Santorum where Stephen Strange lives.

The show will be interactive and will call upon young guests to take on their roles as Strange’s apprentices where they will learn how to harness the power of mystical arts.

The show will utilize special effects and projections to immerse audiences into the supernatural realms of the MCU, and young guests who serve as Strange’s apprentices will be given commemorative certificates after their training is complete.

Although, their training will be put to test when the powers of the Dark Dimension threaten to alter their lives as they know it; this leads to Strange assembling his young apprentices together to combat the threats before it’s too late.

Fans can look forward to Doctor Strange next appearing in Marvel’s upcoming film, Thor: Ragnarok on November 3, 2017.

Marvel Day at Sea will premiere on select 7 and 8-night Disney Cruise Line sailings from New York this autumn, and will return on select 5-night Western Caribbean cruises from Miami in early 2018.


What are your thoughts on this TV show for Disney? Are your kids a fan of Marvel or Disney Cruises itself? Is this something your family would be interested in? Leave us your comments below!

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