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Submarine Cruise to Launch in 2015

Submarine Cruise to Launch in 2015

Our latest foray on the seas at Cruise.co.uk can finally raise its periscope and reveal itself after a lengthy period of research and careful partner-building; the only difference being that this time we’ll be taking you down below the surface.

Here at Cruise.co.uk, the press embargo has been lifted and we’re now able to announce that, from 2015, our customers will be able to submerge themselves into the world of underwater exploration via our offshoot website and brand Submarine.voyage.
If, like us, you’re not content with abandoning Earth for space whilst 95% of the ocean remains unexplored, don’t have $250,000 lying around and have seen ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ enough times to know that trips into space rarely end in ways that aren’t infuriatingly confusing, then join us under the waves and experience the real future of travel.

How Will We Achieve This?

Cruise.co.uk have partnered with various submarine manufacturing companies and pulled them under the umbrella of Submarine.Voyage, enabling a wide and varied team of experienced nautical engineers and researchers to take advantage of decommissioned vessels to build our own fleet of Supersubs. It’s been a long and arduous experience but we’ve defied our critics and achieved something spectacular, allowing people to explore the ocean and detach themselves from their regular lives in a holiday experience that is truly utopic.
Our Chief Engineer, Emmanuel Subs, faced criticism from all corners but persevered regardless, recognising the potential of the project. He recently reflected on the past few years and the problems he has faced, explaining that ‘I know we were on to something special with this project and that all pioneering transportation has faced delays. When they launched the first Cruise ships in the 1800s, nothing worked. We’ve spared no expense – seriously, it was really expensive – but how could we stand in the light of oceanic discovery and not dive deeper than we ever have before?’

Truly inspiring words, I think you’ll agree.
What’s on The Inside?

In short, everything you can expect to find on any cruise ship around the world. We’ve outfitted our vessels with all the attractions and amenities, including restaurants, casinos and nightclubs. Entertainment-wise, we have theatres that will showcase anything from films to plays. You haven’t experienced Crimson Tide until you’ve watched it with 0m of water above your head, which is exactly how Denzel Washington is meant to be experienced.
When the vessels are on the surface, however, the specially designed deck will be opened where people can relax and soak in some sunshine.

Where Will You Go and What Will You See?

As you move through the vast expanse of the Earth’s oceans, you will be afforded the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most spectacular submerged wonders of the world, including Barrier Reefs and majestic marine life. Of course, the destinations themselves will still factor heavily into these holidays and you can expect all our popular destinations to be made available on these holidays.

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