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Star Wars Fans Outrage over Disney Cruises’ Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Fans Outrage over Disney Cruises’ Millennium Falcon

Last week we celebrated as Disney Cruise Line satisfied the big-kid inside of all of us when they announced that we could board the Millennium Falcon – or at least a very convincing replica found aboard the Disney Dream.

Ever since Disney bought out Lucasfilm for over $4 billion  two years ago, Star Wars fans have been reeling over the thought of having their beloved movie franchise dragged through the dirt and ‘Disneyfied’ (a bit like what Episode 1: The Phantom Menace did to the franchise) but could the latest outrage really be over Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon being aboard a cruise ship?

Finally, fans of the series who have been waiting for a chance to get close to the action since 1977 can book a cruise aboard Disney Dream and step aboard the ship where all the magic happens or at least, that’s what the reaction should be but concerns have arose…

Only a week after the new The Force Awakens trailer was revealed and aired – a clip which has equally caused excitement and anxiety amongst budding Jedis – Disney reveal that they have essentially turned the cockpit of one of the galaxy’s most infamous ships into a child’s play area.

Are we seeing the revered Star Wars franchise being turned into a child-friendly plaything, the likes of which will never see true space-drama again? We’re not convinced – but that’s the concern some Star Wars fans have! And it seems Disney Dream’s Star Wars modifications are making fans think that Star Wars will soon be just for kids!

So, what do we think? We have to say that we think the fans may be acting a little like Disney are all Sith Lords.

We welcome the chance to have the Millennium Falcon in attendance when we step aboard Disney Cruise Lines – we just hope we’re not the only big-kids in line to step aboard…

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