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Star Clippers To Add World’s Biggest Square Rigger to Fleet

Star Clippers To Add World’s Biggest Square Rigger to Fleet

Today Star Clippers have announced that there will be a new addition to the fleet in the second half of 2017.

The new vessel is yet to be named but will not only be the first ship for the line since July 2000,  it will also be the biggest Star Clippers ship yet – and the biggest square rigger in the world!

The ship will be able to carry 300 passengers, will weigh 8,770 tons and will be powered by more than 6,350 square metres of sails.

The line’s current flagship, the Royal Clipper, is modelled on the legendary German ship Preussen, and the new vessel will be a near-replica of the France II, a vessel commissioned in 1911 and the largest square rigger ever built.

Star Clippers commented to say; “Just as the original France II eclipsed Preussen more than a century ago as the world’s largest square rigger, the Star Clippers newbuild will replace its sister, Royal Clipper, as the largest ship of its kind afloat today.”

A few features that the original France II may have lacked can be found aboard the new vessel – for example, three pools, a watersports platform and an elegant dining room lit by natural light filtered through the ship’s atrium.

Mikael Krafft, founder and owner of Star Clippers shares his excitement for the new ship; “We have already built the five-masted full ship Royal Clipper, which is very much influenced by the Preussen. This time, we intend to build a ship inspired by France II, an ambition I have had for a long time. The ship’s rig will be identical to France II and dimensions will be very similar, although we have added various features that will make this the most magnificent passenger sailing ship afloat.”

Are you looking forward to cruising on the new ship?

Let us know in the comments below…

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