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SpongeBob Drug Pants

SpongeBob Drug Pants

OK relax! It wasn’t SpongeBob SquarePants, Norwegian Cruise Line’s kids’ club mascot, who was caught with drugs in his underwear – it was several members of Norwegian Sun’s cruise line staff!

Shockingly, seven kilograms of cocaine was transported between Honduras and Tampa last week by crew workers.

US Authorities have revealed that the workers had concealed the drugs within their spandex underwear!

Five male crew members were wearing the pants as part of the (what has to be one of the most idiotic) plan’s which was then later foiled.

Authorities were tipped off that something was afoot when the men were seen in port making unusually frantic phone calls and “pacing anxiously.”

This suspicious behaviour led Homeland Security Investigations agents to watch three of the men be picked up in port by two women. They were taken to an Inn and then returned to the car some twenty minutes later.

The women’s car was then followed and searched by sniffer dogs who found four bundles of cocaine.

The crew members in port were then found to have $50,000 in cash and had receipts showing that they had wired money to others.

Seven people, including a lookout, were then arrested on federal drugs smuggling charges.

The crew members were identified as Jason Leon Carmichael, 21, Arkine John, 21, Alfred Kernel Ince, 24, Teffan Delice, 29, and Johnson Cherubin, 30.

The female drivers were identified as Semarie Paul and Simone Walters.

The five crew workers were listed as galley workers in their jail records and they currently remain in federal custody.


Are you as shocked by this as us? Thankfully this kind of thing is incredibly rare and we’re sure you join us in being glad these people will never be allowed to work on a cruise ship again!

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