Something You Never Knew About The Sinking Of The Titanic… And It’s Heart-Breaking!

Something You Never Knew About The Sinking Of The Titanic… And It’s Heart-Breaking!

We’ve all seen the movie Titanic and cried over the fictional love story between Jack and Rose (sorry to anyone that thought it was real but yes… James Cameron did make it up for the movie).

What most people don’t realise however is that there’s an equally tragic and romantic story featured in the Titanic movie… and this one is true!

Do you remember this scene?



The two people in the video above are based on real husband and wife couple Ida and Isidor Straus. Isidor was the co-owner of New York’s most famous department store Macy’s and was travelling back from a holiday in Europe on the Titanic with his wife.

On the night of the disaster (14th April 1912) Ida refused to leave her husband’s side to get in a lifeboat when one was offered to her.

According to fellow guest and survivor Colonel Archibald Gracie IV, Isidor was actually offered a place on the boat next to his wife but refused the seat whilst there were still women and children on-board and he refused to have an exception made for him. Ida then refused to leave whilst her husband was on-board.

However she did make sure her maid, Ellen Bird took her place on the lifeboat, passing her her fur coat saying she wouldn’t be needing it. As Ellen got in the life boat she heard Ida say: “I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die together”.

Isidor and Ida were last seen arm in arm, on the top deck. Eye witnesses that saw them are quoted as saying: “It was the most remarkable exhibition of love and devotion”.

Both died when the ship sank, with Isidor’s body being recovered and taken to Halifax for identification before being returned to New York for burial. Sadly Ida’s body was never found.


To this day a memorial plaque can still be found to this remarkable couple in Macy’s Department store in Manhattan.



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