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Should You Be Allowed To Smoke On Your Balcony?

Should You Be Allowed To Smoke On Your Balcony?

With so much controversy surrounding smoking on cruise ships, the www.CRUISE.co.uk team thought we would investigate!

Today the world is predominantly a non-smoking one, where many a year ago you were considered one of the minority if you weren’t lighting up 24/7. Over the past decade we’ve seen smoking abolished from numerous public spaces, and cruise ships are no different. Where no line is entirely smoke free as of yet, there are increasingly fewer places where smokers are free to partake in their habit.

With that being said, some lines are less restrictive than others, lines such as: Costa Cruises, Fred Olsen, Hebridean and Holland America allow passengers to smoke on their balconies. (Cunard and Fred and Olsen also permit e-cigarettes in the cabins as well).

The most restrictive lines are Azamara Club and Oceania with only two tiny outside smoking areas… Would you really fancy standing outside in the rain for a cigarette? Good news for non-smokers, bad news for smokers…  Sea Dream Yacht Club also has an extremely strict non-smoking policy with it only being allowed on some decks, and during dining hours the ship becomes completely smoke free!

Carnival, MSC and Princess are among the major lines that smoking is permitted in certain sections of clubs, casinos and they even have a ‘cigar lounge’ especially for the smoking crowd. But how would you feel about someone smoking in the ships public spaces?

You may all be thinking “How are they going to know if I’m smoking on my balcony or not?” Believe us, they know. It’s not even worth the risk because if you’re caught the captain could either throw you off at the next port or smack you with a huge fine!

But is that the right option? We’re interested to find out if you think so!


You can also find out more about “vaping” on cruises by hearing from our specialist cruise consultant Mem here… 

The topic of smoking on cruise ships is still a hot-topic for smokers and non-smokers alike, but what do you all think? Do you think that smokers should be allowed to in their cabins or on their balconies? Or do you think that smoking should be stubbed out completely on board cruise ships? Let us know in the comments!

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