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Rockin’ Around The Christmas Markets In Germany And Beyond! It’s A Winter Wonderland

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Markets In Germany And Beyond! It’s A Winter Wonderland

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year (again) where the coffee shops bring out their cinnamon and gingerbread flavourings and shopping centres are fashioning their magical displays of sparkly lights, towering trees and glitter-covered everything.

Now if you’re that much of a dedicated cruiser and you happen to be sailing away somewhere at this festive time of year then you could still well be inevitably calling at a Christmas market.

Prepare yourself for copious amounts of mulled wine, hundreds of sparkly stalls, lively beer tents, fairy-light-lit ice rinks (and that’s all just in this article).

(Important Notice: It is almost essential that you play Fairy Tale of New York in the background to reading this article so that you feel appropriately festive and full of Christmas spirit…)


1- Berlin

More Markets Than You Can Count

Let’s be honest, nothing beats an authentic German Christmas Market in terms of atmosphere.

christmas markets Berlin

Think local beer, festive lights, foods and crafts; prepare for the magical, traditional Christmas experience you think only exists in the movies.

Berlin hosts you around sixty (yes, sixty!) markets, so peacefully explore for some family gifts and trinkets or have a dance in one of the lively beer tents.

jingle all the way berlin

What other markets should I go to?

Some of the best markets include Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt where you’ll find local specialities like white chocolate milk, origami and cheese…

Or the Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus which has a fifty metre high Ferris wheel, ice rink track and scheduled visits from Santa Claus for the kids!


Nearby to Potsdamer Pkatz market is a toboggan shoot along the snow for a mesmorising view of the surrounding city when you reach the top.

From traditional to trendy, from fairytale to funky, these Christmas markets cater to everyone’s taste: a real all-rounder!

If cruising in Germany sounds right up your street, find out more here. 


2- Prague

Remember Your Childhood Carols

A winter wonderland awaits…held over the space of two squares, the Christmas markets in Prague are a maze of brightly decorated huts.

jingle all the way

You’ll be able to add and tick off ceramics, candles, ornaments and dolls to your shopping list all in one day and as you walk around, you’ll be tempted by the smell of hams on spits, the scent of freshly spicy pastries and the aroma of mulled wine.

The Old Town Square even has a stable with sheep, goats and donkeys that children can enjoy petting whilst getting into the spirit of things!

Wenceslas Square has afternoon performances from local choirs to get you in the mood, too.

jingle all the way prague

What is the main highlight?

What is Christmas without carols? School choirs are there to give you your dose of the festive classics with evening performances on a stage at the Old Town Square.

And it’s time to re-live your childhood years as the children will be dressed in traditional costume (just like the nursery nativities!)

It’s not one to be missed (the children travel from Czech Republic, and all over, just to come and sing their carols).


3- Cologne

Christmas Cheer Like Fairy Dust

Cologne has one of the largest Christmas markets in the world with just one of their four markets featuring over 160 stalls!

jingle all the way cologne

The larger of these markets are all held in downtown Cologne and set around an enormous Christmas tree located near the city’s famously picturesque Cathedral.

Three of the markets are very close to the river Rhine, so even if you don’t leave your river ship to visit the city, you’ll be able to appreciate the twinkling lights from afar!

Delve into some mulled wine with names like ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Gabriel, and when we say you’ll be surrounded by angels, we don’t just mean on top of the tree…

Dressed in white while sprinkling glittery powder all around you and the markets themselves, those dressed up as angels will truly be spreading festive cheer.

jingle all the way cologne

 What other Christmas markets here can I go to?

If you prefer something smaller, Cologne is the one for you with its markets of less crowds and more diversity.

Between Schaafenstraße and  Rudolfplatz you’ll find Christmas Avenue: Cologne’s gay and lesbian festive markets.

Germany’s capital brings you a whole world of new experiences where everyone is welcome: events on stage and all things small, sophisticated and different to anything you’ve ever seen. Let Cologne surprise you at Christmas.


For cruises to Cologne, click here. 


4- Antwerp

There’s Christmas, then there’s chocolate…

The historic city centre of Antwerp glitters in winter, and not just because of their diamonds!

There are roughly 100 stalls in the market which has been running since 1989 and is spread over four squares dotted closely together around this historic city so why not make it your holiday aim to visit them all?

jingle all the way antwerp

You’ll find a romantic ferris wheel, 55 metres tall, and a miniature golf course for anyone fancy something slightly out of the ordinary…

But when there’s an ice skating rink, it would be rude to ignore it. Embrace the frost and get your skates on not too far away from the Groenplaats, Antwerp’s historic square adorned with sparkly lights through December.

Enjoy a glass of Glühwein here (a speciality of Antwerp’s markets) or hot chocolate to keep you toasty!

jingle all the way Antwerp

What else can I do that is close to the Christmas markets?

Other markets may be slightly quieter if you fancy avoiding the tourist rush for a while, and the Harbour Christmas market is oh so conveniently located right next to the Chocolate Museum!

Here’s one for the chocolate fans…What is a visit to Belgium without tasting some Belgian chocolate? Surely it’s as unheard of as popping to the Queen’s house without a cup of tea?

So embrace the culture and visit this historic building to delve into its noble pralines in some authentic empire surroundings.


If you still haven’t had enough of your fill of chocolate, head over to The Chocolate Line to taste what you buy; you’ll find Dominique Persoone, master chocolatier, and his unique works (including his ‘Chocolate is Rock and Roll’ tattoo! Now that’s dedication.)

5- Brussels

The City Goes Green And Sparkly

Somewhere that seriously breaks the mould is Brussels for its sprawling circle around its large ice skating rink.

The small stalls and huts sell thick hot chocolate, a variety of local food as well as gloves and scarfs to keep you warm.

jingle all the way brussels

This is one for the environmentalists too! This market is unique in its Green Policy that means the market uses as little energy as possible and has a recycling scheme on site so that you can shop and explore with a free conscience; we love a satisfying combination at Christmas.

Christmas in Brussels is said to get bigger and bigger every year with the stalls stretching along the streets for as long as two kilometres! But don’t worry, you won’t notice how far you’re walking if you’re stopping over for a European drink along the way and once you’ve gone the whole hog, you’ll be right in the heart of the festivities.

jingle all the way brussels

The quaint stalls will carry on with a toboggan slope that’s 35 metres long, a big wheel illuminated with 18,000 lights and of course, not forgetting the 200-foot long ice skating rink.

What else is there to do near to the markets?

Spot of shopping anyone? Aside from the seasonal stalls, you can head to Rue Neuve for one of the longest shopping streets in the city.

The feeling of forever is one you can get used to in Brussels with never-ending festivities and more variety than you could ever could have imagined for the city.


Stock up on glossy boxes of pralines and truffles at the chocolate shops just off the square that you’ll become ever so familiar with at Rue au Beurre.

Find out more here about visiting the city!

6- Budapest

Feast for the eyes and the ears

Even if you only want to dip your toes in to the celebrations, Budapest is the one for you with its close location to the ports.

jingle all the way

Convenience goes a long way on your cruise, right? A mulled wine or taste of the local paprika dishes is only a few steps away as the markets are set up around St Paul’s Basilica, right in the centre of the Pesi side of the river.

Budapest comes to life in the form of 100 twinkling huts on Vörösmarty square, Christmas concerts, festive laser shows and even ballet performances.

There’s a lot more to this market than just stalls of trinkets and decorations as you’ll be entertained by puppet shows and light shows, with of course, an ice skating rink on the side.

jingle all the way budapest

What else does Budapest have to offer?

Just like any classic city break destination, the capital to Hungary offers you the best choice of shops and boutiques.  Shopping lovers will be pleased to note that Váci Street is the city’s main shopping street where you’ll come across big-name brands aswell as all the right restaurants and cafes for a much needed stop off.

If you’re wanting to stick with all things Christmassy, head straight for WestEnd City Centre, central Europe’s largest shopping mall! You’ll still find the sparkliest lights and the type of wreaths and trees that can compare to none other…


7- Bruges

Straight out of a storybook

One thing you might not know is that medieval Bruges always puts on a good offering for Christmas.

bruges christmas markets

Try something authentic here like taking a ride on a horse drawn carriage- it beats the usual city taxis right? Or visit the Snow and Ice Sculpture festival where you’ll explore a fantasy world where Bruges asks you to suppose for a minute that you were suddenly transported from the pleasant and heart-warming city to a place 14,000 km away.

An inhospitable but fascinating world where everything is permanently frozen and where the average annual temperature is -50°C…

You’ll count your lucky stars once you’re back wandering around the fairy-light-lit stalls where you’ll you pass vendors selling Christmas decorations that get you straight back into the festive spirit!

jingle all the way bruges

Why else should I visit this Christmas market?

This UNESCO World Heritage site is like delving into a storybook of magical surroundings and picturesque sights. You’ll never have quite seen anything like Bruges at Christmas time.

The city really does turn things up a notch and you’ll feel it in the warm glow of twinkling lights and sound of horses hooves on the cobbled streets, rather than the beeping of horns from home.

Sip hot chocolate as you browse the sight of the colourful stalls or dip off to the city’s fashion boutiques for a break from the big lights, but it won’t be long until you return to the celebrations…


Cruise to Bruges here!

8- Vienna

A blanket from the sky

If we are talking about the stuff of fairytales then we are talking about Vienna. The most quintessentially Austrian time of year is in fact winter where, wait for it, snow blankets the city!

jingle all the way vienna

Something we can’t always quite guarantee at home is a definite part of the Christmas season over in Vienna.

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Vienna City Hall, the main Christmas market sends the aroma of roasting chestnuts across the city.

There are actually twenty five different markets hosted here, but the December Market holds over a hundred and fifty stands and sells everything from warming drinks to hand drawn portraits.

jingle all the way vienna

What else can I expect from these markets?

Christmas for the Viennese is a famously social affair so expect lots of the locals meeting up for Punsch or Glühwein (get used to this term as it’s the local mulled wine). There will be an air of joy and excitement for the season to officially arrive amongst the visitors to the market.

Head to  Rathausplatz for a glimpse of the advent calendars on the Town Hall windows, decorated by local artists And don’t miss the tree illuminations in the part either…these are all the perfect picture moment to take home!


9- Luxembourg

Light up, light up

This small Christmas market is well worth a morning spent pottering round the stalls looking at local produce, speaking to friendly locals and trying good food like local pastries.

The nearby castle adds to the pretty surroundings so you don’t forget how much of a special place you’re in!

jingle all the way luxembourg

Other festive highlights to look out for include the ice skating rink for a frosty skate-round and a 1950’s style carousel ride (you don’t just get these at every Christmas market! Luxembourg thinks outside the box.).

Winterlights is a word you will want to become very familiar with as it’s the city’s festival of lights and animation that will plunge you into a world of magical and romantic world of exhibitions, shows, concerts and markets.

With over 1,600 metres of lights with thousands of bulbs you’ll never forget this moment where the whole square is lit up, tree-lined and twinkling.

jingle all the way luxembourg

Which markets have you already been to? Which ones sound most magical to you? And which ones do you plan to visit next? Let us know in the comments below!

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