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Six Tricks To Always Win Those Dinner Table Debates

Six Tricks To Always Win Those Dinner Table Debates

We’ve all been in that situation. Stuck on a table of eight, in the main ding room of your favourite cruise ship, listening to someone drone on. And on. And on.

You know they’re wrong…

You know you’re right…

And yet somehow you never seem to manage to win that dinner time debate.

Sparkling conversation around the dinner table is one of the hallmarks of a good cruise but let’s face it; getting your point across and winning the debate is much better than losing isn’t it?

If you never seem to manage to quite get your point across though the Cruise.co.uk team are here to help! Next time you find yourself in the middle of a polite conversation around the dinner table on your cruise just remember the below tips and you should be fine…

Beer Makes You Stupid

(So order the wine!)

Apparently, Glasses Make You Smarter


Don’t Blink, Don’t Look Away, Not Even For A Second!

Bring Your Flip Chart With You!

Make Sure You’re Dressed To The Nines!

Follow our simple steps and you’ll be the master of the main dining room…. winning every debate (argument) that arises over lunch or dinner; from what the entertainment was like the night before right through to global politics!

Have you any more advice for people on winning dinner table debates?

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