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Six Reasons Why Cruising Is Perfect For Families

Six Reasons Why Cruising Is Perfect For Families

Cruise holidays are unique and wonderful experiences. However, if you’ve not been on a cruise holiday before, you may be wondering if it’s right for you and your family. We know that family time is precious, and the chance to spend an extended period together does not come around that often, but we think a cruise holiday is a perfect way to spend it! Here are our top six reasons why.

1) Activities for all onboard

On today’s cruise ships, anyone will struggle to get bored, from your gran to your grandson, as there’s such a fantastic choice of things to do. And the best thing is, most of them come included in your cruise fare! 

Whether it’s racing down the waterslide, scaling the rock-climbing wall, puzzling your way out of an escape room or feeling the thrill of skydiving, there’s a new adventure around every corner. Taking things at a more leisurely pace, perhaps you enjoy wine tasting, unwinding in the steam room, sauna or whirlpool of a thermal spa, taking in an art exhibition or inspirational talk or simply finding a quiet corner to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a good book.

Water slide

2) Diversity in dining

Eating out at a restaurant as a family can be a challenge, trying to cater to everyone’s tastes, particularly if you have dietary restrictions or fussy young eaters. The great thing about dining on a cruise holiday is there is so much choice. Main dining restaurants often feature extensive buffets with numerous dishes from all around the globe, so you can pick and choose what you like. 

If you’d like something a bit fancier, cruise ships have a range of speciality restaurants, each featuring a different cuisine or approach to dining. Family favourites include steakhouse grills, Italian trattorias and Mexican-inspired restaurants. You’ll also often find Japanese sushi and seafood, French bistros, Indian dishes and menus devised by Michelin-starred chefs. 

Also, gone are the days of formal set dining times. Most cruise lines are now taking a more relaxed and flexible approach to dining, which is so helpful for families with young children. With snack bars and room service available pretty much 24-7 too, there’s always something available when you need it.

Dynamic Dining

3) Ease of exploring

One of the brilliant things about cruise holidays is the variety of destinations you get to see. You can fall asleep in Florida and wake up in the Bahamas or take in the coastlines of Spain, France and Italy all in the space of seven days. Seeing this many places by car, train or plane would be a lot of hassle. 

Multiple stops in hotels and packing and unpacking each day do not add up to a relaxing and enjoyable family holiday. 

Staying on a cruise ship makes it so much easier. You can walk off the ship at port and enjoy a day of exploring the remarkable sights, knowing that you have a place ready and waiting for weary heads and tired legs to rest at the end of it all. And if you’re not sure where to go, there’s always a choice of exciting excursions on offer from the cruise line.

4) Incredible evening entertainment

Cruise lines have gone all-out to ensure your evenings are just as memorable as your days, providing entertainment options to suit a range of tastes and ages. The Broadway-style shows are a must-see. Even if you’re not usually a fan of musicals and theatre, the talent and technology on offer are simply spectacular. You’ll also find plenty of live music, alongside comedians, movie screenings, street entertainers, quiz and trivia nights, and even recreations of your favourite TV game shows.

5) The coolest kids’ clubs

Family holidays are about spending time together, but there may be an occasion or two when you’d like some adult-only time. Don’t worry; your children will actually thank you for it, as the kids’ clubs on cruise ships are outstanding! Run by experienced and fully qualified staff, they offer children plenty of fun-filled activities throughout the day. Your children can enjoy arts and crafts, sports, games and treasure hunts, as well as themed parties and movie nights. 

And it’s not just for younger children. With kids’ clubs split into age categories, often with each group having their own designated area and age-specific facilities, it’s cool enough for your teenager to hang out there too. 

6) Better value for money

A cruise holiday may seem to be more expensive compared to your more traditional flights and accommodation packages. But when you break down what’s included, it normally works out to be more cost-effective. As well as your flights and accommodation, cruise holidays include all standard meals and snacks, selected drinks, most activities and entertainment and kids’ clubs. You can pay extra for things such as speciality dining, drinks packages, use of the spa, Wi-Fi and excursions. However, speak to your cruise specialist at the time of booking, and they can help you find some great deals with some of these add-ons included. 

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