Six Of The Best Bars On P&O Cruises

Six Of The Best Bars On P&O Cruises

As one of the UK’s favourite cruise lines, P&O Cruises has an enticing array of onboard bars for you to discover. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur, a beer buff, or simply love a scenic spot to sip your drink, P&O Cruises’ bars and lounges have the perfect venue for you. 

In this guide, we share six sensational bars on P&O Cruises for you to visit on your next cruise. We also address some frequently asked cruise guest questions, including:

How much is a drinks package on P&O Cruises?

How much do drinks cost on P&O Cruises?

What beer is served on P&O Cruises?

So, if you have a cruise holiday booked with this cruise line this year or are considering going on one, get ready to set sail through our top picks of drinks on P&O Cruises.

1. The Crow’s Nest

Elevate your cruising experience at The Crow’s Nest. This bar is not just about the drinks, although it does serve some of the best classic cocktails on P&O Cruises; it’s also about the breathtaking forward-facing views over the ship’s bridge. 

This P&O Cruises bar is the perfect place to relax during the day. Then, by night, the pianist brings an elegant addition to your evening’s entertainment. Sip on an “Ocean Breeze,” one of P&O’s signature cocktails, or, if you’re a whisky lover, explore its fine selection, including single malts and blends.

Find The Crow’s Nest on Arvia, Iona, Britannia, Aurora and Arcadia ships.

2. Brodie’s Pub

As an authentic British pub at sea, Brodie’s offers a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. For guests looking for the best beer served on P&O Cruises, Brodies is the place to go. Here, P&O Cruises’ drinks menu offers a wide selection of British and international beers, real ales and ciders, with some traditional pub snacks to go alongside.

Head there during the day for pub quizzes and live sports, while in the evening, you’ll find live entertainment, game shows and karaoke. Brodies can be found on Azura, Britannia and Iona ships. However, every P&O ship has a version of an onboard British pub.

3. Blue Bar

Of all P&O Cruises lounges and bars, Blue Bar does sophistication and style at its best. It’s where expert bartenders mix your chosen cocktail from a drinks menu comprising everything from the classics to some exquisite contemporary concoctions. 

Its relaxed, chic surroundings at the centre of the ship provide the ideal place for pre-dinner fizz or meeting up for a mocktail earlier in the day. Find Blue Bar on Britannia and Azura ships.

4. Anderson’s Bar

At Anderson’s Bar, drinks on P&O Cruises are laid back and sociable during the day and stylishly upbeat in the evenings. Its standout feature is its speciality in gins. On its exceptional P&O drinks menu, you’ll discover unique gin flights and carefully crafted selections, offering a variety of flavours and combinations. 

Find Anderson’s bar on Arvia and Iona ships.

5. The Limelight Club

Head to The Limelight Club for dinner and a show. This one of P&O Cruises’ lounges is an adults-only evening entertainment venue, offering a unique experience where you can enjoy a multi-course meal served at intervals throughout the acts. 

Be sure to book your place to get the best seats, as the venue soon fills up. Visit the Limelight Club on Britannia, Iona and Arvia ships.

6. Spinnaker

Enjoy a yachting-themed experience at this bar on P&O Cruises ship Arcadia. With décor featuring a combination of wood, steel, and chrome, the ambience blends elegance with a sense of maritime adventure.

During the day, drinks at P&O Cruises Spinnaker are leisurely and relaxed. As it’s close to the restaurants, this venue makes an excellent meeting place for a pre or post-tipple in the evening. Spinnaker is found on P&O Cruises’ Arcadia.

Pool and deck bars

P&O Cruises also offers an array of pool and deck bars, perfect for those who enjoy their drinks under the sun or stars. These bars provide a casual, relaxed atmosphere with stunning sea views, serving a variety of refreshing cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages. They’re ideal spots for a daytime drink by the pool or a tranquil evening watching the sunset over the ocean.

Drink Costs and Packages on P&O Cruises

How much do drinks cost on P&O Cruises?

The drinks prices on P&O Cruises are comparable to mid-range UK bars. Expect cocktails from £7 to £9 and beers and wines starting around £5.

What drinks are free on P&O Cruises?

Free drinks on P&O Cruise include tea, coffee, water, and certain juices during meal times.

How much is a drinks package on P&O Cruises?

If you’re looking for cheap drinks on P&O Cruises, it’s worth considering a drinks package. With these, you can enjoy unlimited drinks in the specified category without worrying about the price.

There are several drinks packages on P&O Cruises to choose from. These include:

The Refresh drinks package: non-alcoholic cold beverages such as sodas and juice

The Alcohol-free package, all hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks, such as speciality coffees, hot chocolate and mocktails

The Classic drinks package: all drink choices from the two alcohol-free packages, plus a selection of wines, spirits and cocktails

The Deluxe drinks: all of the above drink choices, as well as an extended selection of branded spirits and speciality cocktails

Whichever P&O drinks package is right for you, it is worth booking before your holiday to access notable discount prices. 

There is a diverse range of P&O Cruises bars and lounges that you can enjoy throughout your cruise holiday. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot with ocean views, a lively pub atmosphere, or a sophisticated wine bar, there’s a perfect spot for you on board.

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