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Simpson Tycoon Monty Burns Based On Fred Olsen

Simpson Tycoon Monty Burns Based On Fred Olsen

There’s been a persistent rumour in the cruising world that the money grabbing Simpsons character ‘Monty Burns’ was based on Frederick Olsen, the founder of Fred Olsen cruises.

However the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, has finally decided to set the record straight by denying that Monty was modelled on Fred Olsen.

So why did people think that Mr Burns was based on him?

Well, for starters, he looks like him!

Mr Olsen is a billionaire who not only created Fred Olsen but is also a world-class sailor, oil industry pioneer and the owner of Timex. In comparison, Mr Burns is a tight fisted billionaire who owns the towns nuclear power plant and famously cries “release the hounds” on those who come to him asking for money.

The comparison is perhaps surprising considering the fact that Mr Olsen has actually invested some $1billion in renewable energy.

An interviewer of Fred Olsen said that Mr Olsen genuinely believed the character was based on himself.

This is perhaps understandable, as in the past Matt Groening has revealed that the Simpsons bullies (characters of Nelson Muntz, Jimbo Jones, Dolph Starbeam and Kearney Zzyzwicz,) are based on bullies that he encountered in his own school days.

Some of the central characters names, Homer and Maggie for instance, are also based on Matt’s own family members.

Mayor Quimby was based on US president John F Kennedy, Rainier Wolfcastle was modelled on Arnold Schwarzenegger and the shows TV cartoon characters Itchy and Scratchy were based on Tom and Jerry.

Upon hearing the news that he is not in fact Mr Burns’ inspiration, Mr Olsen blurted “I’m thankful!”

They do look a lot alike though don’t they….?

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