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Silversea Announce Their 11th Ship, Silver Endeavour

Silversea Announce Their 11th Ship, Silver Endeavour

Silversea have just confirmed that they have received approval to purchase the luxury expedition ship, Endeavour. As a polar vessel originally sailing for Crystal, its launch for Silversea will see it sailing to the Antarctic in November 2022. So, what can you expect from Silversea’s newly acquired vessel, now renamed Silver Endeavour? Below, we give you a sneak preview.

Spectacular stats

  • Silver Endeavour cost €350 million to construct; that’s an incredible €1.9 million per berth, making it the most expensive expedition vessel ever built!
  • Silver Endeavour becomes the fifth expedition vessel for the cruise line and its eleventh overall. 
  • The ship is 540 feet long and can travel at a maximum speed of 19 knots. 
  • It offers approximately a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio and a fantastic space-to-guest ratio of around 100 GRT (Gross register tonnage) or 10,000 cubic feet, including eight public decks.

Unique and incredible itineraries

Silver Endeavour is a Polar Class PC6 vessel. According to the International Association of Classification Societies, this classification means it is capable of “summer/autumn operation in medium first-year ice which may include old ice inclusions.” For guests, it means Silver Endeavour will replace Silver Explorer to offer epic expedition itineraries to the Antarctic this winter.  

What you can expect when stepping on board

Aligned with Silversea’s ultra-luxury approach to cruise holidays, Silver Endeavour shares many similarities with the cruise line’s other expedition vessels, including large suite sizes and configurations, spacious layout and open decks.

The exterior painting, the ship’s name and signs around the vessel will all be updated to reflect the Silversea brand, and the dining venues will be adapted to mirror those found on Silver Cloud and Silver Wind.

Fabulous feature highlights

Guests will love the aft pool. Perfectly designed for sailing in cold climates, it is an enclosed space showcasing a stunning glass dome, meaning you can still enjoy sunrise swims or a moonlit dip under the stars even with the chilly temperatures outside.  

Silver Endeavour carries kayaks and has plenty of Zodiacs (inflatable boats used for passenger excursions), so you’ll have numerous chances for Antarctic adventures while at sea. The ship also has a remote operational vehicle (ROV) onboard, which Silversea Cruises plan to use to explore deeper beneath the ocean surface and to share their discoveries with their guests. Could this be a unique opportunity for some close encounters with what lies well-beneath the deep blue sea?!

Impeccable service

One of the consistent themes across all Silversea ships is its impeccable service, most notably having butlers assigned to all of its suites. All fully trained, the Silversea butlers have excellent attention to detail, elevating a luxury cruise to one of ultimate opulence. They are there to take care of your in-suite food and beverages, including restocking your mini-bar and fresh fruit. They’ll look after your laundry and pressing and keep everything in your suite tidy and sparkling. After an epic day adventuring in the Antarctic, this luxury level of TLC could be precisely what you need!


Sustainable sailing on Silver Endeavour

As a relatively new ship, only debuting with its previous owner in July 2021, Silver Endeavour encompasses some great eco-friendly features, particularly for a smaller ship. With energy efficiency a significant priority for cruise lines in the current climate, the vessel uses Azipods, an efficient propulsion system. It also has advanced waste systems, dynamic positioning and the most-updated internal combustion engine.

Keep an eye out for future news on this remarkable new ship from Silversea

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