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Seven Reasons To Consider A Quark Expedition Cruise

Seven Reasons To Consider A Quark Expedition Cruise

You may never have heard of Quark expedition’s unless you are real adventurer – but here is why you should have otherwise! This cruise line may have an unusual name and be obscure to some British passengers, but they are leaders in arctic travel.

Quark were set up in 1991 by two adventurers Lars Winkander and Mike McDowell who had been everywhere in the world – apart from the North Pole. They wanted to tour the polar wilderness and set up Quark Expeditions to make the Arctic and Antarctica accessible for all travellers.

The result? A unique cruise line who really can give you that once in a lifetime experience… Want to know how? Read on to find out the 7 reasons why you should cruise with them!


You’ll See Sights Never Seen Before

Every cruise line claims that they can take you somewhere to make once in a lifetime memories. But honestly, how many cruise lines can say they’ll take you to see a polar bear or walk on a glacier that’s never been explored by other people before? You’ll have the chance to take part in an exclusive week-long expedition to the Arctic of only 25 other guests!

arctic polar bear


Enjoy REAL Tours

Tours with Quark aren’t just trips to local factories or overcrowded beaches as you’ll find from other lines, you’ll be going to the most remote parts of the Arctic and Antarctic (thanks to the ships’ small size that allow them to venture where other ships can’t go). You’ll have close encounters with the wildlife of these frozen destinations and can sit and enjoy entertainment in its most natural form with polar bears, penguins and whales.

arctic penguin


Did you know? Quark were the first ever company to do a tourism transit of the Northeast Passage across the Russian Arctic in 1991! And the first circumnavigation of Antarctica for commercial passengers in 1977! 


The Boats Are Comfortable

Many people are put off adventure cruising at the thought of a ship that’s far from luxury with that adventure feel even when you’re on-board. But with Quark you don’t need to worry; the inside features have your best interests too. The fleet offers suites with private balconies and outside cabins with en-suites; there’s even His and Hers saunas so you can experience ultimate relaxation whilst at sea.

quark ship


Good Value

Not only can a Quark expedition take you to places you couldn’t easily get to alone, but the staff share their expertise and knowledge on the way so you’ll know the destinations like the back of your hand by the end of it! Even the ship will give you a luxurious atmosphere with its modern spa’s, adventure and wellness activities, glass-enclosed observation lounge and choice to dine al-fresco or indoors. They also hold one of the highest staff to passenger ratio’s at 1:9.5 with each and every crew member feeling passionate about sharing the unique regions of the world you’ll visit.

Spitsburgen arctic

Quark Support The Environment

You won’t just be travelling to parts of the world that are under threat from climate change, you’ll be helping to support it. Just by travelling with Quark you’re helping to support the Nature Conservancy’s work in 35 countries and all 50 United States; a portion of your expedition fare will support the mission to conserve the lands and waters that all its life depends on!

 North Pole

No Single Supplement

If you’re into adventure cruising you might not be able to find a partner or friend that is, so luckily select cabins on Quark expedition cruises don’t charge a single supplement price for solo travellers! Make sure you nab one of these straight away so you can experience the breath taking expeditions independently at no extra cost.

Canadian Arctic


So, how do you feel about Quark expedition’s? Are you a real adventurer at heart? Do these exclusive experiences persuade you to want to discover the Arctic? Let us know in your comments below…



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