Why The Second Cruise Is So Much Better Than The First: A Cruise-A-Holic’s Life

Why The Second Cruise Is So Much Better Than The First: A Cruise-A-Holic’s Life
There’s no doubt about it- cruises are addictive.

The first ship you step onboard will stay with you forever- from the fine dining in your finest wardrobe choices, to those unbelievable panoramic sea views as you make your way to the next destination!

Our specialist cruise community have been sailing for years and you need to hear their stories, and what really made them into a cruise-a-holic.

Why is the second cruise so much better than the first? You’re about to find out.

1-“Seeing foreign places in ease and comfort”- JohnR, Chippenham

John R has quite a few favourite things, from the food to the lack of housework…

“Knowing exactly what you are getting for your money, and excellent food considering the number of meals produced in a day!


No cooking, washing up, cleaning and vacuuming for my wife! No computer or tablet, just a phone for emergency contact.

Excellent value for money, particularly outside of school holidays, with everything other than drinks included!” 

2-It was Norway and Iceland that grabbed us!” -Cooke, Ashby

Cooke is more fixated on the destination and takes us through their favourite sailings…

“We went to the Birmingham Cruise Show courtesy of Cruise.co.uk and found a really good deal on Seabourn Spirit from Malaga to Barbados.


I still remember flying into Malaga and seeing Spirit berthed below. It was definitely love at first sight! We made lasting friends on board, including our wonderful captain, David Bathgate.

We have now sailed 270 nights with Seabourn and it is safe to say the addiction only gets stronger!” 

3-“Just how eye-opening a visit ashore can be!”-Neil Down, Southampton

Neil is torn between sea days to completely indulge yourself on the ship and the sheer variety of food onboard…

The variety and education of food aboard ship, how to select different and even new styles and types or just relax and pick what you fancy from the self-service delicacies!


Just to have someone cooking for you and serving you can bring enormous pleasure to many. It is also worth considering and learning which cruise lines suit your eating lifestyle.

Port of call and how different they can be or how great it can be not to go ashore and enjoy the ship almost to yourself or, in fact, to enjoy sea days as a brilliant way to get what you want from a cruise.”

4-My first cruise experience was when I was a very young girl”- Bradbury, Coventry

Bradbury takes it all the way back to when she cruised as a child, and still to this day cruises regularly…

“I remember first stepping onto the black tiled foyer on a P&O ship and feeling the vibration and juddering as the engines were starting to get into gear. This not only was my first cruise but a Christmas Cruise.


My dad, who had not been keen on the idea of a cruise, absolutely loved it. So we were back for more, sailing at least two, sometimes three times a year.

There were no such luxuries as carpet along the corridors back then, not even on the stairs! As I have grown up, cruising has inevitably got into my blood and I have continued to cruise all through my married life and with my own children, who are now also addicted.

For me there is no other holiday that can compare. Just being able to get on the ship, unpack, let the ship take me to all these fabulous destinations, see the world, be pampered, waited on, not having to worry about where you are going to eat, how much its going to cost.


It’s all there for the taking and despite the fact I have clocked up quite a considerable number of cruises, I still get so excited about each and everyone of them.” 

5-“We both lead very busy lives and you can always begin to relax as soon as you board the ship” -Lucy, Sutton

For Lucy, it’s the sound and sight of the sea that makes her continue to cruise every year…

“It is pure relaxation and you can recharge your batteries. Add that to a different country just about every day and the calming effect of being surrounded by ocean and not traffic, makes for a great way to relax.


You are mostly as far away from land, noise and pollution as you can be. I find looking at the sea incredibly relaxing!”


Take your chance to explain why you’re a cruise-a-holic right here! 

What did you think of our cruisers’ stories? Which cruise really got you addicted? And was your second, third or fourth cruise your favourite? Leave us your comments!

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