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Seabourn Encore: Demanding More from Ultra-Luxury

Seabourn Encore: Demanding More from Ultra-Luxury

Seabourn Encore is on the way and it’s not just a repeat of what you already know; this is a ship that aims to redefine small-ship ultra-luxury all over again.

On sale now, Seabourn’s Encore just might be the most important launch of 2016. Any of Seabourn’s ships will make a splash in the world of ultra-luxury cruising and Encore looks like it will be making the biggest waves yet.


Seabourn offer everything you can imagine a luxury cruise line to have; polite and attentive staff, exquisite dining and a touch of intimacy and care that larger cruise lines are unable to replicate.


Going the extra mile is what sets Seabourn apart from other cruise lines. Caviar in the Surf is one of their most famous complimentary services, where you may lounge on some of the world’s most remote beaches while the dedicated crew serves bountiful feasts and delicious drinks straight from the ship, accompanied with music and a delicious beach barbecue.


If that’s not your idea of ultra-luxury, maybe you’ll think more of Marina Days, where Seabourn give you a selection of kayaks, pedal boats and windsurfers so you can enjoy the ocean as intimately as possible – things simply impossible for larger cruise ships to provide!


That’s all without touching on Seabourn’s beautiful fine dining restaurant where chefs prepare food to your order to ensure you’re as pleased as possible. Couple that with a Patio Grill, The Colonnade and even In-Suite Dining and you have a fantastic selection of casual and formal dining options to suit any mood you’re in.


And when you wish to unwind you can spend time in one of Encore’s relaxing bars, the Grand Salon for ladies or even the Casino where you can pit your wallet against your wits.


And then there’s the greatest way to end your evening on any cruise ship; Seabourn’s signature Evening Under the Stars, where on deck barbecue dinners are prepared, gala parties with live music and dancing, fuelled by Seabourn’s talented on-ship entertainment staff. Dessert Under the Stars is also the gastronomers alternative!


Seabourn Encore is set to make waves in ultra-luxury, if you haven’t cruised with Seabourn before now is the best time.

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