Seabourn Adds ‘Bling’ to the Quest

Seabourn Adds ‘Bling’ to the Quest

Luxury cruise line Seabourn has announced its latest partnership with Swarovski Optik. The new move will see the manufacturer make its high-quality optical instruments the “official binoculars” for Seabourn’s Antarctica and Patagonia cruises.

Swarovski Optik’s high-precision, long-range binoculars will make spotting wildlife and the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica and Patagonia an unforgettable experience for passengers onboard the ship and during landings ashore.

What’s more, passengers will also be able to purchase their very own pair of Swarovski binoculars, which they can use during the cruise and treasure as a keepsake afterwards.

John Delaney, Seabourn’s senior vice president, said: “Viewing Antarctica’s diverse wildlife and magnificent scenery is the highlight of any cruise to the white continent and Swarovski’s exceptionally fine binoculars will ensure that both our staff and guests will not miss a thing during their Antarctic journey.

“Like all other aspects of our award-winning cruises, we wanted to offer the best possible experience to our guests when viewing wildlife in this pristine part of the world.”

Seabourn’s Quest vessel is currently embarking on a series of 21 to 24-day sailings between Chile, Buenos Aires and Argentina. Each voyage will allow passengers the chance to explore the Chilean coast, Glacier Alley, Beagle Channel, the stunning Torres del Paine National Park, Montevideo and six days cruising the Antarctic Continent.

The cruise line is renowned for its unique itineraries, gourmet dining experiences and high-quality service.

Will you be taking a look at the diverse wildlife through a pair of Swarovski binoculars?

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