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Scots Outspend English Cruisers

Scots Outspend English Cruisers

Scottish passengers are Britain’s biggest spenders on cruise ship holidays, it has been revealed.

Scots will book more expensive cabins and spend more whilst they are on board than English passengers. They are also more likely than their neighbours south of the border to go on a second cruise two years later.

This has led Royal Caribbean to target the Scottish market and invest more to encourage Scottish travel agents to sell cruises.

UK managing director Stuart Leven said the news came as the firm is set to add £3 billion worth of new ships in the next four years and as the price of cruises was coming down.

Kennedy Cree, manager of Scotia Travel and cruise specialist said that the cruise market has been growing in Scotland for the last five years – but that there is still room to expand further.

He said; “passengers have never had it so good, with so many different places to go. Every major operator is building new ships, and trying to find something different to offer, with Royal Caribbean the trend-setters.

“They provide a ‘resort feel’ to their ships – providing as much aboard as you would find on land.”

With P&O’s Britannia, (the largest ship ever built exclusively for the UK market,) also set to sail this March, the Scottish and British cruising market is booming.

What do you think of the news? Are you an avid Scottish cruiser? Let us know in the comments below!


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