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Safety Onboard: Lifeguards Rolling Out Across Entire Fleet For One Cruise Line

Safety Onboard: Lifeguards Rolling Out Across Entire Fleet For One Cruise Line

It has just been announced that Royal Caribbean will be rolling out lifeguards fleet-wide.

Oasis of the Seas will be the first ship in the fleet to receive lifeguards onboard and they will be joining the ship as part of a wider safety programme.

Manager of Corporate Communications for Royal, Lyan Sierra-Caro, stated: ‘We are a family brand, pool-based fun is an important aspect of the cruise vacation for all guests, and we are doing everything we can to ensure they have the safest vacation possible’.

The new water safety programme will include highly trained lifeguards in partnership with StarGuard Elite, Adventure Ocean 15-minute open-session water safety presentation on embarkation day, child water safety fliers at the services desk, captains announcement including water safety during the mandatory boat drill and much more.

The 15-minute water safety presentation during the Adventure Ocean open house session on embarkation day is for kids and parents. Youth staff will also go over all water safety rules at both the Adventure Ocean Youth Evacuation Plan safety drill on the first evening and during the Teens 411 info session.

Child water safety flyers will always be available at the guest services desk, as well as in Adventure Ocean and water safety signs will be more noticeable. Parent will also be made aware that it is still important to watch their kids while in the ships’ pools.

Water safety reminders will not only be announced on day 1 of the cruise as cruise directors will be mentioning water safety in their daily messaging and snippets of advice will appear in the daily Kids Compass. Families will find colourful notecards in their cabins with safety reminders such as ‘Play smart. Swim smart. Stay safe. Swim vests are best’. 

Swim vests for kids aged 4 to 12 will continue to be available, but signage will be added to the pool and in cabins to encourage parents with young kids to use them.

Sierra-Caro does further though, that lifeguards are not meant to replace the watchful eye of a parent. Children under 12 years old still require a parent or guardian to be present to swim in any pool.

The new programme was first rolled out on February 26th of this year and will also be rolled out on every Royal ship for the next four months. By mid-April, all Royal Caribbean ships will have had the programme enforced, before the height of summer vacations begins.


But, what are your thoughts on today’s news? Are you relieved to hear how seriously Royal Caribbean are taking safety onboard? Do you think any more precautions should be taken? Which cruise line, other than Royal, do you think also take the right precautions regarding passengers’ safety onboard? Leave us your thoughts and comments…


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