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Rumour Has It: Are MSC About To Go Down The Luxury Route?

Rumour Has It: Are MSC About To Go Down The Luxury Route?

 A rumour has just emerged that MSC Cruises is close to officially placing a new order with the Fincantieri group, with the objective of entering the ultra-luxury cruise market.

The order would be a first for the cruise line and would consist of four ships with a combined capacity of just over 3,000 passengers.

The new vessels would be much smaller than the mega-ships that currently form part of the fleet, as well as those slated for delivery in the next ten years.

MSC fans have speculated that only a few details need to be ironed out before the official announcement everybody is waiting for.

The MediTelegraph (TMT) has stated: “More and more insistent rumours coming from the shipbuilding sector are talking about an order that is coming soon. Only few details are missing before the official announcement.”

There is a possibility that the four cruise ships could be built outside of Italy due to the backlog in Fincantieri shipyard holding a 30 billion euro backlog programmed until at least 2021.

TMT continued:“, if the negotiations will reach a successful conclusion, it is not excluded that the four units can be built, at least in their initial phase, abroad (Vard shipyard probably), to be eventually set up in Italy.”

Each vessel would carry approximately 700 passengers on board, with a crew count of just over 200; their overall length would be under 200 meters and would initially be deployed for cruises in the Mediterranean area.

This news would bring the order of new MSC vessels to thirteen, with nine confirmed to launch between now and 2026: MSC Seaview (2018), MSC Bellissima (2019), Meraviglia Plus Class Ship (2019), 2nd Meraviglia Plus Class Ship (2020), 3rd Seaside Class Ship (2021), World Class Ship (2022), 2nd World Class Ship (2024), 3rd World Class Ship (2025), and 4th World Class Ship (2026).

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What do you think of the news that MSC could be going into the luxury market? Are you planning on sailing with any of the nine ships due to launch between now and 2026? Which ships have you already experienced? Leave us your comments!

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