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Royal Caribbean compete with Carnival for Chinese market

Royal Caribbean compete with Carnival for Chinese market

Royal Caribbean is in competition with Carnival for customers in the Chinese market.
Higher numbers of people from the country are now spending more money on overseas travel, leading to increased spending on luxury goods and other items.

Such growth has led to cruise companies targeting the area as an area of expansion, with Carnival and Royal Caribbean both aiming to grow in the sector.

Arnold Donald, chief executive officer of Carnival, is relocating to China to monitor the cruise line’s growth in the area. It is expected that his presence will result in more activity within the country.

As well as this, Royal Caribbean announced that its Quantum of the Seas vessel will homeport in Shanghai from 2015, marking a change from the usual process of sending older boats to the Chinese market.

Carnival will soon have four ships homeported in China, which is the most of any cruise line across the globe. The company’s overall passenger capacity will rise to more than 10,400 passengers across all four ships.

However, Royal Caribbean only has two ships, equating to 7,300 passengers in total. To tackle Carnival’s larger fleet, the company has scheduled its cruises tactically, with 52 departures from Shanghai and six from Beijing.

It remains to be seen whether a winner will be crowned in the battle for the Chinese market, but both cruise lines offer luxurious facilities capable of tempting upper-class customers.

The Quantum of the Seas vessel offers a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options and there are even more activities set to be launched in the future.
To help ensure high-quality facilities, the ship has hired experts in the culinary, design, sports and fitness, and entertainment fields, who will work to guarantee activities on the ship are truly exceptional.

Which of the two do you think will gain the upper hand in the Chinese market?

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