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Royal Caribbean Bows Down To Disgruntled Cruise Veterans

Royal Caribbean Bows Down To Disgruntled Cruise Veterans

Formal dining is set to make a comeback after disgruntled passengers express their feelings over the new more relaxed ‘eat what you like, when you like’ policy.

In order to attract a younger audience, Royal Caribbean replaced old-fashion sittings with the same tablemates and waiter every night and told passengers to dress casually to their new buffet meals.

President of Royal Caribbean; Michael Bayley called the informal meals ‘dynamic dining’ and said they were introduced to allow guests the freedom of eating what and when they want.

Bosses said after receiving a significant amount of complaints from upset cruise veterans that the company was forced to bring traditional dining back to their ships; Allure of the Seas and sister ship Anthem of the Seas. More than a third of the passengers who booked Anthem of the Seas have requested traditional dining arrangements; the company have now announced that they will roll it out onto all of the 22 ships in its fleet.

The Royal Caribbean now offers a ‘classic choice’ option with formal dress.

The feedback however proved that guests enjoyed the formal nights and for some, was the highlight of the trip!

Bayley said; ‘They often made friends for life with the fellow passengers they dined with every night during a trip. We understood what they were saying and so reintroduced classic choice for them.

‘It’s always a balance trying to attract new customers while keeping existing clientele happy but we feel we have now got a balance and have something for everybody.’

He said 36 per cent of passengers who have pre-booked on Anthem of the Seas have opted for the old fashioned system of dining and the option would now be introduced on its sister ship, Quantum of the Seas.

What do you think of the change in policy? Is cruising becoming too ‘modern’? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below!

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