Royal Caribbean Beat P&O As Britain’s Favourite Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean Beat P&O As Britain’s Favourite Cruise Line

You may (or may not) have read about the’s Cruise Community Awards recently being announced (if not you can see the full results here).


The idea behind them was that we wanted to put together a series of awards that really recognised what makes cruising great. Not necessarily the best ship or even the prettiest destinations to visit but the little things that matter most. The things that no one ever talks about, maybe even overlook but never the less go towards making for an unforgettable cruise experience.


Whilst there were a multitude of awards up for grabs (eighteen in total!) the top prize, the one all the cruise lines wanted to win, was the People’s Choice 2016 Award.

Put simply, this award was given to the cruise line that won the most categories overall. We wanted to recognise the cruise line that most paid attention to the little details and was most obviously the public’s favourite.


With the majority of their ships cruising out of the UK you might assume that P&O would have come top with a British audience but in fact they only managed to secure second place, winning the silver!


P&O did come top for Best Beer On-Board, Best Breakfasts, Fairest Tipping Policy, Smoothest Check-In and Best Cruise Line For Adults but…


Royal Caribbean beat them to the People’s Choice Award 2016 top spot by winning a total of nine gold medals.


Best Burger At SeaJohnny-rockets-food-900x596[1]

If you’ve never eaten in Royal Caribbean’s 1950’s style American diner, Johnny Rockets, then you’re missing out on a treat! Yes a cruise should be (and is) all about fine dining but sometimes you just need to get a fast food fix don’t you? That’s where Johnny Rockets come’s into its own, serving traditional 50’s style burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and milkshakes!

It’s no wonder it was voted top by our cruise community.


Best Towel Animals At SeaBest Towel Animals At Sea

Doesn’t everyone love a good towel animal?

Whilst we’re happy to admit you’re unlikely to ever choose one cruise line over another based solely on the quality of their towel animals (as that would be weird!) it’s still a really nice surprise to come back to your cabin and find one waiting for you isn’t it?

See what we mean about those little touches?

Like towel animals? Take a look at some of the best (and worst) here>>


Best Wi-Fi

Gone are the days when people would go on a cruise to get away from everything for a couple of weeks; these days people want to be able to stay in touch with everyone at home, whether it be via Facebook, Instagram, Skype or email. Recognising this Royal Caribbean have invested A LOT of money into bringing their guests super-fast Wi-Fi at sea, even going so far as to give each of their Quantum class of ships its own satellite!

However, clearly those efforts have paid off as our Cruise Community voted for them to win the Best Wi-Fi award!


Best Cruise Line For KidsBest Cruise Line For Kids

We won’t harp on about this one too much (mostly because we already did here!) but we still think it’s great that Royal Caribbean won the award for Best Cruise Line For Kids, beating off not just cruise lines like P&O or NCL for family friendly giants like Disney Cruises as well!

Got a family? Then pay attention! Royal Caribbean are the cruise line you should be looking at for 2016!


Best Karaoke Night

Remember when we said it’s the little things that count? A karaoke night might not be top of your list for entertainment but we all know that even if we’re not brave enough (or good enough) to get up and sing then it’s still fun to watch other people try (and fail).

Royal Caribbean easily won this vote, probably helped by the fact that on a lot of their ships they have a dedicated karaoke bar (did you know that?)

Royal CaribbeanBest For Sun 

Let’s face it, with a couple of exceptions (like the fjords) the average British holiday maker likes to go somewhere hot for their holidays. The thing is though, that can be a lot more complicated than it sounds…

Will your ship go to the right destinations? Do you have to cruise from somewhere cold or fly straight to the warmth? When you get on-board will there be enough sun beds? What’s the pool area like?

It can be a complicated situation if you’re not sure what you’re doing!

Fortunately our Cruise Community were confident that Royal Caribbean do, giving them the award for Best For Sun Worshipers 2016.


Best Nights Sleep At Sea

Whilst it’s true that a cruise can be as relaxing or as energetic as you want it’s still nice to know you’ve a safe haven you can retreat to each night. If it’s meant to be a haven however you want to know it’s going to be comfortable. The mattress, the pillows, the sheets, background noise… they all contribute to a good (or bad) night’s sleep.

Fortunately you don’t need to ask which cruise line you’ll get the best night’s sleep on however as our Cruise Community have checked and decided that Royal Caribbean most deserve that accolade.


Widest TV Channel Selection

OK, so maybe you shouldn’t be spending that much time watching TV on a cruise but let’s face it, we’ve all done it! Whether it’s on in the background as you’re getting ready or you just fancy a quiet night in the cabin, it’s nice to have something to watch.

The trouble is a lot of cruise ships stream their T.V channels through the ships communication dish meaning your picture can be fuzzy, grainy or if you’re really unlucky a foreign channel!

None of that for Royal Caribbean however! It’s official, they provide the widest choice of channels at sea all served up with a crisp picture (or at least they do according to our cruise community!)


Nicest PassengersRoyal Caribbean Cruise Line

We know we’ve already mentioned how it’s the little things that make a cruise a couple of times now but let’s be honest; you could be on the most beautiful cruise ship ever made, with the most attentive staff, up to date amenities and tastiest food… if you also have to deal with rude passengers then your entire holiday experience is likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Having polite and friendly passengers is one of those things that can really make or break a cruise and yet for some reason is always one of the things that no one ever considers when booking their cruise.

We’re happy to report though that when we put the question to our Cruise Community they chose Royal Caribbean as having the nicest passengers on-board.


What do you think? Do you agree with our Cruise Community’s findings?

Would you have chosen Royal Caribbean for the People’s Choice Award 2016?

Let us know in the comments below…


Interested in Royal Caribbean? We’ve a lot more information on them here>>


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