Royal Announce Series of Changes Fleet Wide

Royal Announce Series of Changes Fleet Wide

It has recently been announced that Royal Caribbean are making some changes…

And it’s official; certain Royal Caribbean ships will be providing all passengers the type of connections used on land in the form of VOOM, a high speed internet service.

Ever tried to skype your family from the ship and signal fails you?

Well the new satellite internet technology that was introduced for Quantum class ships will now be available on all of Royal Caribbean’s ships. As this service targets each ship specifically, instead of attempting to cover the ocean as a whole, there’ll be a much more reliable connection for keeping in touch with friends and family.

You can even stream movies on your phones or iPad’s, upload photos and facetime your friends so they no longer have to just imagine how fab your holiday is!

It will cost passengers $15 per day if they opt for several days of connection and a second device can be added on for a discounted price (which is always handy if you and your partner both want to connect your phones!)

This service was previously only available on Quantum and Oasis class ships but all ships fleet wide will be receiving Voom by May 1st. A result for selfie lovers everywhere!

In other news, Anthem of the Seas will lose Dynamic Dining and return to traditional dining. As of April 30th passengers on this ship will no longer be able to opt to move from restaurant to restaurant each night.

This news has perhaps been a long time coming (as you can read here that we reported on this rumour way back in February last year!) Dynamic Dining continues to divide passengers, and this feature of rotational dining in a range of restaurants from The Grande to Wonderland will now only be found on certain Quantum class ships including Quantum of the Seas.

And finally, from the 1st of May passengers will be paying 55 cents more in gratuities, per day, on all Royal Caribbean International ships.

10 months on since Royal Caribbean last upped its gratuities the new daily amount has now increased from $12.95 to $13.50 for a standard cabin and any passengers staying in a suite will be paying $16.50 rather than the previous $15.95.

The fees will be automatically added to the passenger’s bills, although passengers with existing bookings needn’t worry because they can still opt to pay their gratuities before April 14th to ensure they secure the current rate.

According to Royal Caribbean, the recent increase has put them: “in line with its competitors in the industry and recognize the exceptional work that Royal Caribbean’s staff and crew does to deliver unforgettable vacations every day”.


So what do you think of the changes? Are you happy at the promise of Wi-Fi that actually works? Will you miss the option for Dynamic Dining? Do you agree with the gratuity increase?

Let us know your comments below!

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