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Royal Amazes Cab Driver With Free Caribbean Cruise

Royal Amazes Cab Driver With Free Caribbean Cruise

Royal has amazed passengers everywhere with their outstanding generosity after an unsung hero was rewarded with a free cruise.

A cab driver in Boston returned a bag full of $187,000 in cash to a man who accidentally left it behind in his car this week. It was this selfless gesture which compelled Royal Caribbean to reward him with their ‘Ticket to Adventure’ scheme: an all-expenses-paid cruise for him and a guest.

It was reported that Raymond ‘Buzzy’ MacCausland picked up a passenger who was moving from a local homeless shelter to a hotel who then accidentally left behind a backpack. As MacCausland opened the bag to look for a form of identification, he found bundles of cash instead before heading straight to a police station to report it.

Royal felt MacCausland’s selfless gesture deserved more than the $100 tip the original owner offered him and so have surprised the driver with a free Caribbean vacation on one of the world’s largest cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas.

After learning of the story in the local media, a Royal Caribbean spokesman has stated: ‘We’re currently running a programme called ‘Ticket to Adventure’ where we reward people that do exceptionally selfless acts. And Buzzy certainly qualifies’.

MacCausland is reportedly semi-retired after driving his cab in the city for around 50 years and now only drives it on the weekend to help supplement his Social Security. He reportedly admitted in an interview that at the moment of discovering the cash, he’d had fleeting thoughts of keeping it and stated: ‘That would have been life changing. We could have travelled the world’.

If MacCausland accepts Royal’s offer, himself and a guest will set sail on a free cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to destinations in Mexico, Jamaica and the Bahamas, with their choice of either Eastern or Western Caribbean.

The passenger that left the money behind is reportedly homeless and told the paper, on the condition of anonymity, that he had spent the last six months recovering from a drug addiction. The money was an inheritance from his parents, which the man had to prove to police before the money was released to him.

There has since been talk of a commendation from a Boston Police Commissioner for MacCausland and a further reward from the President of Independent Taxi.


So, what do you think of Royal Caribbean’s ‘Ticket to Adventure’? Are you impressed with their recognition of selfless acts? What would you have done in that situation? Let us know your thoughts.

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