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Rome Like You’ve Never Seen It: Lucky Pennies & A Vespa Life

Rome Like You’ve Never Seen It: Lucky Pennies & A Vespa Life

If you’re lucky enough to arrive in the port of Civitavecchia, you’re a mere 55 minute journey away from Rome, Italy’s capital.

Whilst it’s a popular cruise destination for those who want a decent dollop of culture alongside some sandy beach stop-offs, there are still a few out-of-the-ordinary things to tick off your list. 

The ‘must-see’ sights are pinned as a must for a reason so don’t skip the city’s icons altogether; pack your lucky penny and climb a whole lot of stairs for views your eyes will never have seen…

When in Rome, Roam

Rome is a real rabbit warren of a city so the best way to discover it is to head away from the main thoroughfares and dive right down the rabbit hole.


If you want to experience something out of the ordinary then forget the guided tour and the ‘must-see’ sights– get ready to pound some pavement.

They say all roads lead to Rome but all roads in Rome lead to something different and magical. Via Margutta, for example, is an artists’ hub lined with galleries and studios, whereas the medieval backstreets of the Trastevere area offer a unique atmosphere. Well worth a wander (if you can find them)!


Go Gruesome

If you relish all things macabre, you’ll want to explore some of Rome’s more gruesome attractions (and they’re well worth it).

The Museum of Purgatory is beyond strange, whereas the Capuchin Crypt, lined with the bones of 4,000 friars, is a spine-tingling attraction. You can also head underground to the Rome Catacombs, a collection of forty burial chambers which lie under your feet as you walk the city streets.


Put thoughts of London Dungeon-style attractions out of your mind – you won’t find novelty pencils or costume-clad characters when you cross over to the dark side of Rome.

Rome Catacombs

Spend a Small Fortune

Rome is well known for its fashion designers and luxury Italian leather good so if you’ve got some cash to splash, head straight to the Spanish Steps if you’ve got the energy to climb them. 

Instead, shop till you drop on the Via Condotti, Via Frattina and Via Borgognona where you’ll find big name designers like Armani, Prada, Valentino, Moschino, Gucci, Fendi and more…

Rome shops

Gladiator School

If having your photo taken with a guy in a gladiator suit outside of the coliseum isn’t enough for you, you can find your inner Russell Crowe at Gladiator School.

Do it like the Romans and take a two hour lesson learning to fight with authentic weapons used by the gladiators of ancient Rome, you’ll also get entry to the Gladiator School of Rome Museum! 

Rome Gladiator

Eat Wasabi Ice-Cream

The gelateries in Rome really are something else and are the first thing someone will boast about when returning from their Italian city break! 

Forget the usual vanilla, strawberry and chocolate combinations– the flavours on offer in Rome will have you forget about Ben & Jerry’s in seconds.


Adventurous foodies can find sage and raspberry, fig, salted peanut and even wasabi flavoured ice-creams but there’s plenty for those with more traditional tastes. 

Top ice-cream spot Fassi on Via Principe Eugenio boasts over thirty different flavours– get that on your list as soon as possible!

Rome Icecream

Eat Plain Pasta- And Love It (Don’t Knock It)

When you spot Cacio e Pepe or ‘pasta bianco’ on a menu in Rome, order it! Even if your waiter tells you that it’s merely pasta sprinkled with cheese and pepper, order it.


It’s likely to be one of the most mouth-watering pastas that you’ve ever tasted. Rome’s traditional pasta dishes are kept as simple as possible to let the taste of the top quality pasta shine through.

And we promise you that this Italian indulgence is about as far away from macaroni cheese as you can get…

Rome pasta

Vespa Life

Whether you fancy yourself as Audrey Hepburn or Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday or just want to cover as much ground as possible in a day, hiring a Vespa scooter in Rome is a bucket-list-worthy suggestion.


If scooters aren’t your thing, how about a tour of the city in a vintage Fiat 500 or whizzing around the city on a Segway? No racing or off-roading allowed…

See a Pyramid

No, you haven’t been transported to ancient Egypt– there really is a pyramid in Rome! The Pyramid of Cestius was built around 12 BC tomb and stands in the shadow of the castle-esque Porta San Paolo gatehouse.


You’ll also find the 18th century Protestant cemetery nearby making this a three-in-one hotspot for history buffs.

Rome Pyramid of Cestius

Pop in on the Pope

Fancy an audience with the Pope? Head to St Peter’s Square on a fine Wednesday to bask in the reflected glory of His Holiness. We can’t guarantee it will absolve the sins of the ship’s casino and cocktail bars but it’s a pretty good tale to tell over dinner.


Be sure to add in the fact that Vatican City, where the Pope resides, is actually its own country– although you don’t have to show your passport to gain entry.

Guarantee a Return Visit

Okay, so throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain is definitely one of the most tourist-trap things to do in Rome and probably something that you ticked off on your very first visit, but if you’re especially superstitious you won’t want to skip this tradition.

rome trevi fountain

Throwing a coin into the fountain is meant to guarantee you another trip to Italy so you’ll want to take your luckiest penny out for the occasion…

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There’s something exciting around every corner and on every backstreet in Rome so don’t write the city off once you’ve got the full house of tourist snaps. Have you visited already? Did you cruise there? What is top of your list for a trip to Rome?


Invest Five Days To Rome Around Italy… Feel like a tourist and an adventurer who discovers the less obvious at the same time and explore the ancient ruins and relaxed charm behind the cities of romance, history and beauty…

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