Regent Reveals Tasty New Mediterranean Shore Excursions!

Regent Reveals Tasty New Mediterranean Shore Excursions!

Luxury line Regent Seven Seas Cruises is elevating its already exceptional gastronomic offering with the introduction of 128 new foodie-focused Mediterranean shore excursions. 

Created with a number of culinary experts and passionate local chefs, these Regent Seven Seas shore activities will provide passengers with unique taste-bud-tingling experiences in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, all led by knowledgeable local guides. 

The experiences will range from delicious gourmet meals to immersive cooking classes and exclusive wine tastings. They will be part of Regent’s Epicurean Perfection scheme, which focuses on the flavours, cultures, history and beauty of breathtaking cruise destinations. 

Regent already offers around 5,000 shoreside experiences, nearly 3,900 of which are free for passengers.

“We are delighted to enrich and enhance our array of shore excursion offerings, presenting our guests with even more opportunities to indulge in their passion for travel and culinary delights, all while cruising the Mediterranean aboard The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet.

With its rich history and diverse culture that have undeniably shaped its delectable cuisine, the Mediterranean serves as the perfect backdrop for these tantalizing culinary adventures.”

Andrea DeMarco, President of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Some of the fresh excursions will be free to Regent guests, and some will incur a fee per guest. 

Noteworthy free shore excursions include a journey through Minoan culture-themed activity, hosted in Heraklion in Crete, and a cooking class with a local chef in Pergamum in Turkey. 

As part of the Minoan Gastronomy Through History excursion, guests will get stuck into a hands-on cooking class at a restaurant in the olive tree-lined Amnisiades Park. The cooking class will focus on the ancient Minoan diet, which heavily features dishes made from seafood, goat, wild deer, lentils, fruits, and nuts, accompanied by delicious wine.

During the Cooking Class with Local Chef in Turkey, guests will learn to cook authentic Turkish cuisine at Bergama restaurant, which is surrounded by Greek and Roman ruins. Led by a passionate local chef, guests will create and taste their own shepherd’s salad, yuvalama soup, and adana kebab made with lamb.

As for noteworthy new shore excursions which incur a fee, passengers can choose from a range of private, luxury activities – from exquisite tours of Amalfi farms to savouring Menorca’s infamous lobster stew. 

As part of the Farm to Table Amalfi-Style excursion, which is $119 per person, guests will be transported on a tour of a magical family-owned organic farm in historic Scala, a hilltop village near Amalfi, for a lunch made with top-tier local produce. 

For passengers visiting Porto in Portugal, they can enjoy renowned local ports as part of the Porto’s Port Wine Cellars tour, for $119 per person. The excursion includes a scenic drive through Porto – seeing landmarks such as Casa da Música and the baptism site of explorer Henry the Navigator – and a wine and appetiser pairing at Graham’s Port Lodge in Gaia.

In Mahon, Menorca, guests can have a taste of delectable seafood as part of the Menorcan-Style Lobster excursion, for $139 per person. During the excursion, guests will be served Menorca’s signature dish, lobster stew, and flaó, a cheesecake-like dessert, at Sa Llagosta restaurant in Fornells. Before the tasty lunch, guests will be able to see the island’s vast natural lands and breathtaking vistas, including over Monte Toro.

All these new excursions are now available to book on upcoming Regent Seven Seas cruises.

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