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Real Cruisers Top Tips for Visiting Venice

Real Cruisers Top Tips for Visiting Venice

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Venice. As always though, rather than just regurgitating the standard advice you can get on any old travel website, we wanted to give you the best advice from the smartest of experts – YOU!

So we once again threw the question out to our cruise community, have you been to Venice?

What would your top tip be?

As always you didn’t disappoint us!


Below are the tops tips for Venice as given by real cruisers……………

Stay longer!  – Apparently Venice can’t be done in a day, (actually we’ve been and we’d agree with that!) Lots of people suggested going before or after your cruise.

John H – Stay an extra day or 2 after/before your cruise – Venice is always very crowded, buy waterbus tickets by the day.

Malcolm J – Stay a couple of nights before your cruise begins.

Shahnaz A – Take a day or 2 and enjoy this wonderful city

If you find you can’t for a day or two then Jeremy David S said – Try getting in very early, as can soon be very, and I mean very busy! Or just go in winter

WARNING – St Mark’s Square – There were A LOT of comments about St Mark’s sq. and whilst everyone agrees it’s iconic and should definitely be visited there were certain things you needed to be aware of.  Deborah F summed it up pretty well with – Don’t buy any drinks near St Mark’s square, 22 euros for 3 cold drinks

Visiting Murano – Murano received mixed review –

Robert W – Visit Murano

Jackie C – If you are offered a ‘free ride’ to Murano, Beware, it is to a glass factory where prices are through the roof!

Visiting Venice

Go for a wander – It’s surprising how many people recommended to skip the organised excursions and just go for a wander –

Elaine Y – You can walk around Venice easily and find some lovely quirky shops, prioritise what you want to do and see Murano, burano and tolcelo get a vaparetto ticket for the day and do it yourself

Moira H – Visit the non tourist areas. Go on the metro 1 stop, 1 euro. Turn left out of the station, cross over a green bridge. Not so crowded and a lot cheaper cafes and restaurants, I think the best tourist area.

Sandra C – Went November great for walking round the streets, get the monorail from the Port only 1 euro each way and a short walk to the streets and canals

Delma S – If you have done the main attractions just wander the tiny side streets, super

The Doges palace – Some advice given for the Doges palace was –

Helen M – Do the secret itineraries tour in Doges Palace – Brilliant

John H – Book Doges palace online – saves hours of queueing

Visiting Venice


Sailing in – Kim B – Get up on deck for the sail in or out. You will have the most amazing views of Venice.

Random – There rest of the advice for Venice was a little more random but as they’re all little nuggets of wisdom we’ve included them below –

Robert W – Get a vaperetto ticket and ensure you validate. Well worth the money and gives you great views.

Frank G – Walk into Venice from the port

Lesley P – Don’t eat anywhere that has white tablecloths very expensive

Lesley P – Visit the lido it’s lovely

Billy L – Make sure you buy tickets before you get on any boat to take you to anywhere as they fine you!!!!

Mike C – Go to the violin museum it’s so peaceful and untouristy on this side of Venice

Visiting Venice

Have you ever considered visiting Venice?

So what was out Top Tip For Venice? It has to be Ken F’s – Smelly open sewer!

No!!!!! Only joking!

We’re assuming Ken had his heart broken in Venice once! Our real top tip is from :

Eleanor A – Go back again

And really……………..What can we add to that!

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