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The Queens Are Calling: All The Perks Of Booking Your Cunard Cruise Early

The Queens Are Calling: All The Perks Of Booking Your Cunard Cruise Early

Let’s face it, one thing we hate from the bottom of our hearts is being at the back of the queue and when there’s cruises involved, everything is at stake.

And you know us at www.CRUISE.co.uk, we don’t mess around so rest safe in the knowledge that if you’re organised enough to book early this time, there’s some seriously special perks to snatch up.

It’s never been more important to be first in line, here are the five biggest reasons you need to be on Cunard’s guest list



5- Exclusive Early Access to All New Cruises Before General Sale

We all like a browse don’t we? A little bit of online shopping doesn’t go amiss and we all know we make some seriously silly decisions when we feel rushed and unprepared.


Your choice to pre-book for your Cunard cruise will mean exclusive early access to all new cruises before the general sale hits all the last minute folk!

Then who will be making the uneducated decisions…


4- Free Parking For All Suite Bookings

Sometimes the parking fees can make your cruise just that little bit more expensive (that you might not have factored in before using up all your savings).


So why not plan a little earlier this time and strut onto the ship feeling fabulous with your car safely snug in free parking…


3- Priority Dining Times

It’s simple: if us cruisers don’t get our food on time, we’re not happy. All that time getting ready to wear the suit and ballgown, all that time planning what time show to book for after dinner- all ruined!


Make sure you are in control of when and where you dine by booking early (disclaimer: this is an absolutely essential perk for avoiding tantrums).


2-Choice of Stateroom

You have no idea how empowered you will feel on the seas if you’ve been in control of every last detail of your cruise! Sure you’ve picked an ocean view, but exactly where that cabin is placed could be a gamechanger…


Don’t fancy walking down a long corridor? Book early and pick a cabin right next to the lift! Feel a little seasick sometimes? Book early and pick a cabin in the middle of the ship on a lower deck!

Repeat after us: you’re a strong, independent cruiser…


1-FREE Onboard Spend

Stupid question incoming:

If you book early enough to snap it up, we’ve got FREE onboard spend for you and it’s not just to spend on keyrings in the gift shop. Free drinks? Free shore excursion? Free speciality dining?

This ‘free’ word just keeps cropping up, right? This one’s a no-brainer.


Get on the guest list! Click here to pre-register for Cunard’s 2019/2020 cruises…

What do you think of these six perks of booking with Cunard early? Has it swayed you to look for your next holiday at sea a little early this year? Which is the perk that appeals to you the most? Leave us your comments…

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