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Put The Wine Down Or Else! Alcohol To Be Banned At Airports

Put The Wine Down Or Else! Alcohol To Be Banned At Airports

Almost all of us like to indulge in a drink or two on holiday. It’s time to relax, sit back and enjoy your hard earned break away from it all. But are you one of the growing number of passengers heading straight to the bar at the airport?

New studies have shown that as many as 62% of British holiday makers admit to flocking to the airport bar. This has caused a sharp rise in the numbers of unruly, aggressive or troublesome passengers on flights, with some guests having alcoholic drinks before their flight as early as 8am.

There has been as many as 442 arrests of passengers suspected of being intoxicated on a plane or in the airport over the last two years.

However, this could become a thing of the past as these concerns have now led the government to announce it will be looking into airport drinking.

The studies have found that as many as 28% of travellers admitted they had “one too many” drinks before getting on their plane, and the average passenger admitting to three drinks at the airport and a further two on the plane.

An added 12% of those asked said that they knew of someone who has been told they couldn’t fly because they had consumed too much alcohol.

Amusingly, 76% of travellers said that they would never normally drink early in the day, but that it was a natural part of going on holiday to do so.

The survey put the cause of these unusual drinking patterns down to airport stress and found that beer and wine were the two most popular tipples of choice.

It is not yet known what the government will do to curb alcohol intake at airports, but suggestions from the public so far have included breathalysers or increased drinks prices at airports.

You can read what our forum thought of the news here!

Have you ever experienced drunken behaviour on your flight? Do you think monitoring passengers’ alcohol levels before they get on the plane is the way to go? Let us know in the comments below…

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