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Princess Cruises: Unique Features Onboard Their Ships

Princess Cruises: Unique Features Onboard Their Ships

Some people go on cruises simply to travel the world and see some amazing destinations without having to lift a finger. But, there are quite a few of us who really do enjoy the ship just as much as the ports it is visiting. 

Princess Cruises are not only one of the most popular cruise lines in the world but they also offer some unique experiences for their guest whilst they’re onboard their ships. 

With a variety of activities to do onboard, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourites onboard Princess Cruises ships. 

Voice of the Ocean

Are you a fan of the TV programme ‘The Voice’? If you are, then this will be right up your street. Voice of the Ocean competition is a show in which you can compete and be judged on your vocal performance. Not only that, but the competition also features the famous rotating chairs so you will be purely judged on your vocal ability. 

Sing On The Sea Karaoke

Exclusively onboard Majestic Princess, Sing On The Sea Karaoke will give you the chance to release your inner rock star and sing to your heart’s content. You can rent private karaoke booths which accommodate up to 6 people with comfortable couches, top-quality audio and video systems and you can even order drinks and food too. 

Movies Under The Stars

Imagine watching some of your favourite movies right under the stars on the top deck of a ship. Well, you can do that on multiple Princess Cruises ships. The 300-square foot, 69,000-watt poolside movie-theatre is made even more special with personal touches including comfortable chaise lounges, complimentary popcorn, warm cookies & milk and cosy blankets in the evening.

Discovery At Sea Enrichment Programs

With Discovery at SEA Enrichment programs, you can really experience the destinations you are visiting around the world and learn even more about these places. Every cruise offers immersive activities the whole family can share: from Discovery and Animal Planet shore excursions to onboard activities featuring favourites like MythBusters and Shark Week to guided Stargazing on deck.

Have you taken part in any of these activities onboard Princess Cruises? What else would you like to try onboard one of their ships?

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