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Popular Port Re-Designed Just For Princess Cruises Ft. A Movie Theatre & Interactive Gems

Popular Port Re-Designed Just For Princess Cruises Ft. A Movie Theatre & Interactive Gems

Carnival Corporation has just completed a multi-million-dollar redesign and upgrade of Cruise Terminal 2 at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale especially for Princess Cruises.

When Princess guests arrive at the port, they will now be able to instantly connect with their cruise line through the new Ocean Medallion technology.

The new technology will serve Princess Cruises’ Medallion-class ships which use Ocean Medallion wearable tech, the token that stores passenger information and preferences (as well as other functions like paying for onboard purchases).

“When our guests arrive at the terminal excited about their cruise, that’s a great opportunity for us to begin immersing them in a more personalized and hassle-free vacation experience,” commented John Padgett, chief experience and innovation officer for Carnival Corporation.

“We have completely transformed the arrival so that our guests can board at a pace that’s more relaxed and convenient for them. Our focus is on the entire guest experience with a special emphasis on making the arrival experience exceptional.

From guests’ homes through the cruise terminal and to their stateroom, every guest engagement is intended to maximize their vacation experience.”

When cruisers walk into the terminal, the token will interact with the network and allow for a more personalized boarding process with the ability to create an avatar called an Ocean Tagalong.

By using the SocialOcean app once they have cleared security and check-in, their Tagalong will display on a giant LED screen called the Ocean Portal, from which guests can then choose from three avatars: sea turtle, seahorse or butterfly fish.

Terminal 2 also features the new MedallionNet, high-speed Wi-Fi which cruisers can use while waiting to board; this will mean they can play a portfolio of four in-app “social casino” games called PlayOcean Everywhere.

If guests have time to catch a show, they can head to the cinema experience at the OceanView Theatre that features originally produced “Ocean Original” travel segments.

There are more interactive experiences that include using the Ocean Tagalong to direct their avatars through a series of screens, moving their arms and hands to control its swimming motions and directions.

Regal Princess will be the first ship to depart from the newly redesigned Terminal 2, with six more Princess ships currently scheduled to receive Medallion upgrades.


What are your thoughts on Port Everglades re-design? Are you impressed with the interactive technology and movie theatre? Or do you feel the extra technology is unnecessary?

What did you vote in our poll? Are you a fan of the re-design or do you have a different favourite port in mind? Leave us your comments!



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