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P&O Unveil New Watertight Rules Changing Alcohol Limitations & Banning Just One Dress Code

P&O Unveil New Watertight Rules Changing Alcohol Limitations & Banning Just One Dress Code

P&O has imposed a new code of conduct for passengers that prohibits offensive clothing and places restrictions on the amount of alcohol brought onboard.

The newly announced code states that each passenger aged 18 or older is allowed to bring only one bottle of wine, Champagne, beer, spirits or liqueur up to 1 litre during initial embarkation.

Any additional alcohol, including any purchased ashore or in the onboard duty-free shops, will be confiscated and held until the last night of each sailing.

The new regulations also include a ban on custom group clothing with personal photos or slogans, as well as clothing with offensive messages and fancy dress outside of designated theme nights, which could include 60s, 70s, tropical, Western or black and white.

The policy also requires passengers aged 17 and older to adhere to two dress codes: resortwear or leisurewear for evening casual nights (no light jeans, football shirts, trainers or shorts) and cocktail dresses or evening gowns for women and suits or tuxedos for men on black tie nights.

Although P&O have not given guests an official reason for the changes, the brand have stressed that the new code is not trying to detract from cruisers’ ability to have a good time.

“For most guests, enjoying their favourite drink on holiday is all part of the experience, and they are welcome to bring it onboard”, said Michele Andjel, PR director for P&O.

And commenting on the dress code, the line specifically states in its new policy that it “ want to dampen anyone’s fun”.


What are your thoughts on the new the new code onboard P&O? Cruisers have been divided so make sure you have your say…

Our specialist cruise community have had their say on the matter and expressed divided opinions; read the full reaction here!

Exploretheworld had their say: “I have to date respected P&O for treating guests more like adults by giving more freedom. I have actually never taken alcohol on board but I value the freedom of being able to if I wanted. If I were staying in a hotel I would be able to drink my own tipple in my room. I expect to be able to do the same on board ship.”

Topdeck commented on the dress code: “No personalised tops- does that include branding logos? No denim- is that just blue what about other colors or tailored products? This is going very niche market…”


What did you vote in our polls? Do you feel strongly about either or have the new regulations made no difference to you? Leave us your comments!

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