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P&O Cruises Reveal New Launch Date For Iona

P&O Cruises Reveal New Launch Date For Iona

P&O Cruises have always been a cruise line that the Brits have loved dearly from the moment they set sail all the way back in 1837. 

Over the years we’ve seen a number of ships join and leave the fleet such as Canberra, Oriana and not forgetting the recent departure of the famous Oceana. 

Since the launch of P&O Cruises Britannia in 2015, we’ve been patiently waiting for P&O Cruises to announce new ships on the horizon for us to enjoy so when they announced their brand new ship, P&O Cruises Iona, we’ve been counting down the days until her launch. 

Now, Iona was due to launch in May 2020, but following the outbreak of Coronavirus, unfortunately, her first sailing was postponed with no date confirmed as to when we’d be able to see that fabulous SkyDome that we’ve been talking about for months. 

Today though we have heard from P&O Cruises that they are expecting their shiny, brand new ship “before the autumn” as well as the second ship they also are currently building which is now due to be delivered in December 2022.

“Whilst our operations as currently paused, we are delighted that we have more clarity on the arrival of these two new ships,” said Paul Ludlow, P&O Cruises president.

“The final outfitting of Iona is almost complete and is looking stunning and we will take delivery of her before the autumn. We also now know that her sister ship will join the fleet at the end of 2022.

“Both ships are eagerly anticipated by our guests and we are seeing strong demand for the future. The space on these two ships will allow for extraordinary experiences; visual entertainment displays; new dining concepts and many new areas for relaxation and indulgence.”

The 5,206 capacity ship not only has a glass SkyDome but also includes some of the classic P&O Cruises features we all know and love including; Strictly Come Dancing stars onboard select sailings, Indian restaurant Sindhu and classic entertainment in the Limelight Club. 

Are you excited about P&O Cruises brand new ship Iona? Are you looking to sail on her in the future? Let us know in the comments below! 

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