Pensioner Dramatically Rescued As She SWAM After Her Cruise Ship

Pensioner Dramatically Rescued As She SWAM After Her Cruise Ship

A British holidaymaker is lucky to be alive after attempting to swim to her cruise ship, the Marco Polo.

She was rescued by fishermen whilst 1,600ft out to sea after trying to get back to her cruise and is currently suffering with hypothermia.

It is thought that Susan Brown, 65, had tried to swim to the ship as she believed her husband was still on-board.

Susan and her husband had left the ship in Madeira and planned to cut their 32 day holiday short by flying back home. After an argument, the pair had separated in port and Susan believed her husband had gone back to the ship instead of the airport.

When Mrs Brown saw the ship passing the coastal runway she jumped in the water in an effort to get back to her partner.

Luckily, local fisherman heard her cries and arrived to help her shortly after midnight.

The local port captain explained what had happened: “She was 500 metres from the coast when fishermen heard her shouting. When they reached her she was clinging onto a handbag she had been swimming with.”

“She was very lucky to survive. She was in the water for more than three hours and was suffering from the effects of hypothermia when she was rescued by fishermen who heard her cries for help around 12.20am on Sunday.”

Cruise and Maritime have now confirmed that her husband had not returned to the ship as feared and has since flown back to Bristol.

A spokesperson for Cruise and Maritime Voyages said: “Having departed Funchal, CMV was subsequently notified by their local port agent that Mrs Brown had been rescued at sea. CMV has been informed by local authorities that Mrs Brown’s condition is stable.

“On receiving this news CMV was naturally most concerned as it understood that the couple had flown back together to the UK. Mr Brown was contacted immediately by CMV who offered assistance and attempted to gain some insight into what had transpired following Mr and Mrs Brown’s disembarkation. CMV also liaised with the Foreign Office who, after recuperation in a Funchal hospital, will be making arrangements for her repatriation

“The company are providing every help and support to the couple.”

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