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Passenger Pressure Strikes Victory As Major Cruise Line Lower Water Prices

Passenger Pressure Strikes Victory As Major Cruise Line Lower Water Prices

A major cruise line recently made the decision to ban all passengers from taking water on-board their cruise ships.

Passengers who tried to take their own water or soft drinks on-board Norwegian Cruise Line would have these confiscated at the port.

This move was met with anger from some passengers as water was not free on-board and prices for water went up to $6 a bottle.

Terry from Manchester told us: “The price on board for a one Ltr bottle of water was more than six U.S. dollars. Would you pay this price and why when you can buy a two Ltr bottle of water from home supermarkets at 17p?” You can read what else Terry said about it all here!

However, NCL have now lowered water prices by up to 35% in response to passenger pressure.

A six pack of 1 litre water bottles will now cost $15 instead of $23 and a 24 pack will cost $45 instead of $60. Additionally, a 12 pack of water will now cost $28 instead of $40. There will then be an automatic gratuity of 18% added to all purchases.

It has long been the practise for cruise lines to stop passengers bringing alcohol on-board, but water restrictions are relatively new. You can read all about this development here.

Our cruise community also asked whether passengers should need to bring water on-board at all, and drink water from the cabins instead. Yogini said: “I would only buy water to take ashore with me, otherwise I just drink tap water.”

So, what do you think of the news? Do you think all water should be free on-board all cruise lines? Have you ever taken your own water on-board a cruise? Or do you just drink tap water from your room? Let us know in the comments below…

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