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Own Part Of Your Ship… And Get Free On Board Credit!

Have you ever considered buying part of your ship so you can earn yourself some on-board credit?

That’s what we have been talking about in the www.CRUISE.co.uk office today as the news came in that passengers are buying shares in their favourite cruise line to earn themselves on-board credit.

Disclaimer: www.CRUISE.co.uk are not qualified financial advisers. Please consult with someone in the know before purchasing your shares!

The amount of on-board credit that you receive will depend on the duration of your cruise.

For example, with Carnival cruises you could expect £150 OBC for 13 night sailings, £60 for 7 night sailings and £30 for less than 6 nights sailing.

To enjoy this free credit, you would need to purchase at least 100 shares.

So this can work out as a pretty pricey investment to get yourself some free credit! But some passengers have argued that it’s worth it, to claim that they own part of the line and the ship they are sailing on.

Of course, if you play the share game properly you just might be able to sell later down the line, and maybe even book another cruise with the profit! We can dream at least, eh?

Disclaimer: www.CRUISE.co.uk are still not qualified financial advisers.

We think investing in a cruise line for a bit of a discount is a great idea, and so did forum member Happy, who is investigating the matter on our forum and considering investing in 100 shares!

If you’re interested in this story, read what our cruise community had to say about it all here. They have great advice for would-be investors and curious cruisers alike!

Would you be interested in buying part of your ship in return for OBC? Do you think it’s worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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