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Outrage As Airline Announce A New Charge For Use Of Overhead Compartments

Outrage As Airline Announce A New Charge For Use Of Overhead Compartments

Customers have been outraged today at the news that an airline is set to charge passengers for the use of overhead compartments.

For years, airlines have been adding extra costs to airfares, from paying extra for luggage, to paying to choose your seat, to even paying for a small bottle of water on most flights; the costs all rack up very quickly.

Most airlines have always let passengers use the overhead compartment for free, with many choosing to take a mini suitcase that will fit in that space above their seats, instead of paying to take a large luggage item.

But United American airlines is now set to charge for the privilege of this, by changing their most basic airfare to not include the use of this compartment.

When asked about the move, the airline said: “We are not implementing additional restrictions on our customers, or taking anything away from them. United has announced a brand-new fare called Basic Economy that is an additional option for customers and that will be cheaper than our regular Economy fares. For customers that are interested in bringing a carryon, our regular Economy fare will still be available.”

Customers will still be able to bring a small bag, but this must fit under the seat in front of them, or it cannot come on the aircraft.

It is not yet known whether any UK based airlines will do the same and the success of the move will likely determine how widespread this practice is in the industry.

airlines charge jilOur specialist cruise consultant, Jill, took a controversial stance: ‘This has got to be the best news I’ve heard in a long time! When did it suddenly become the ‘norm’ to use overhead storage on an aircraft as SUITCASE hold? Is it that people want to get a freebie out of the airline or are they just plain rude?’ You can read more on what Jill thinks on this on her blog.



So what do you think of the news? Do you think the airline is right to introduce cheaper fares without the use of the overhead compartment? Or do you think this is a move that will increase the price of all airfares? Let us know in the comments below!

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