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Oceania Step It Up And Gift Free Wi-Fi To Every Guest On These Ships

Oceania Step It Up And Gift Free Wi-Fi To Every Guest On These Ships

Oceania Cruises has just announced that is joining other high-end cruise lines in offering free Wi-Fi to all passengers.

The luxury cruise line revealed today that unlimited, complimentary Internet access will now be available across the entire fleet by the end of April.

The new Wavenet high-speed internet service will mean that passengers can do low-bandwidth activities, such as browse the internet and post on social media.

Guests who prefer to stream music and movies or video chat with friends and family at home will need to upgrade to Wavenet Prime, at a cost of $9.99 per person, per day.

“With our new Wavenet high-speed internet, our guests and crew can continue to surf, post and stream aboard our ships from anywhere around the globe, just as they would at home,” stated president & CEO of Oceania Cruises, Bob Binder, in a company statement.

This addition of free Wi-Fi brings Oceania in line with other upscale cruise companies, such as Viking Ocean Cruises, Crystal Cruises and sister line Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

All of these brands offer free, unlimited Internet access to their passengers; Silversea offers an hour of free Wi-Fi to most passengers, with unlimited access for the top suites.

In other Oceania news, the line has just announced its most unique around-the-world voyage to date, and for the very first time will circumnavigate South America.

It will depart on 8th January 2020 on board Insignia, cross the equator an unprecedented four times and visit 95 different ports of call on four continents across 27 time zones.


What do you think of Oceania confirming free wifi fleetwide? Would this make you choose them for your next voyage? Does the around-the-world voyage sound appealing to you? Leave us your thoughts…

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