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Nudist Heaven: Bare Necessities Cruise

Nudist Heaven: Bare Necessities Cruise

National Nude Day is in full swing if you take a look at the upcoming Bare Necessities cruise in 2021.

The Bare Necessities cruise will sail the Caribbean for two weeks!

“On the last day of every cruise,” says the website for the group. “What we hear most from our Bare Cruisers is that time really flew by.

Everyone asks whether the could stay aboard a little longer and the answer has always been no… until now. You asked and we answered.

For our 75th nude cruise, Bare Necessities has chartered a one-of-a-kind two-week cruise aboard the Carnival Legend!”

Departing out of Tampa on February 14th 2021, the Bare Necessities cruise will stop at Mahogany Bay (Roatan), Colon, Cartagena, Bonaire, Curacao, San Juan and Nassau, as well as offering five sea days.

As usual, the group charters the entire boat and this will be the 31st edition of the Big Nude Boat.

Bare Necessities has actually hosted over 75 different sailings over the years, earning themselves a stellar reputation among not only nudists but also the crews of the ships upon which they’ve sailed.

“Our mission,” their website explains, “is to provide relaxing, entertaining and health-conscious vacation opportunities that offer non-threatening, natural environments where the appreciation, wonder and compatibility of nature and the unadorned human form can occur.”

What do you think of the Bare Necessities nude cruise? Have you considered it before? What did you vote in our poll? Let us know below…

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