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Nudist Cruises Grow in Popularity

Nudist Cruises Grow in Popularity

Packing for your next cruise just got a lot easier!

Sun cream essential… clothes, not so much.

Clothing is to become optional on selected Celebrity cruises, cruising from the Port Everglades, Florida in November. Passengers will be leaving their evening suits at home and replacing them with their birthday suits.

The cruise will be part of a trend that’s seen growing interest in the optional clothing tourist industry. Interest in ‘nakationing’, as it’s known, has doubled since 2010, with nudist cruises in particular booming in demand.

“Nudists attract nudists,” said Nancy Tiemann, president of Bare Necessities Tour & Travel Co. in Austin, Texas, who has arranged clothing-optional cruises for 25 years. “They’re laid back, friendly and unpretentious.”

Since the former banker Nancy Tiemann left the corporate world in 1990 to start the business with her husband Tom,  sixty five full ship charters have been arranged by her company.

Tiemann herself became a fan of optional clothing when she accidently stumbled across a nude beach in the Caribbean with her husband in her thirties.

Apparently others feel the same way!

30% of those booking onto these cruises were first time nudist.

Tiemann stated that a whopping 70% of guests return for a similar nude cruise, that’s higher than the 62% of returning passengers that book regular cruises


She added “More people are finding the clothes-free experience to be a stress reliever and equaliser, as egos are checked at the door along with the clothing. It’s much more than just taking our clothes off.”


The cruises are adults only and the ship is on a full charter meaning you can’t book it accidently.


Nightly themes will include; ‘Roman Orgy Toga Party’ an ‘Antiformal’ (in lieu of a formal night) and ‘ABC’. (Anything Butt Clothes)

Do you think you’re missing out? Have you ever been to a nudist beach? Would you do a nudist cruise?

Let us know in the comments below…

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