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Not Happy With Your Cruise – Costa Will Give You All Your Money Back

Not Happy With Your Cruise – Costa Will Give You All Your Money Back

We’ve reported in recent months that certain cruise lines have started to offer a money back guarantee if passengers are unhappy with their experience on their cruise.

Carnival Cruises and Fred Olsen have both offered a full refund of the cruise and flights home if their guests aren’t enjoying themselves (in fact Carnival have even gone so far as to offer a 110% refund!).

The guarantee takes place as soon as the trip starts. Complimentary ground transportation and hotel accommodation will be available if necessary. In order to invoke the guarantee, passengers are asked to contact guest services within 24 hours of the ship leaving port.


Following suit, Costa cruises have just announced that they’ll also be offering a guaranteed refund to passengers who dislike their cruise.

If that doesn’t fill you with confidence in them, what will?!!?

The cruise line has agreed to refund 100% of the cruise fare to any unhappy passengers; they’ll also include any transport costs included in the reservation, not forgetting a free journey home (or to where the passenger began their journey with Costa).

By offering this guarantee Costa hope to attract both first time and experienced cruisers who may not have chosen to cruise with them before

Costa Cruises have stated they are aware that people may abuse the system but that they’ve spent a lot of time researching their guest’s satisfaction levels and the vast majority of them are always more than happy with their experience.

Would this make you feel more confident in booking a cruise with Costa? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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