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Norway’s Beautiful Fjords To Become An Explosive Building Site!

Norway’s Beautiful Fjords To Become An Explosive Building Site!

The Norwegian Fjords are a favourite destination for most cruisers, but maybe not for long. The Norwegian government just decided to effectively turn the ancient waterways into a building site where they’ll install a massive mile-long tunnel.

Costing an eye-watering 2.7 billion krone (£260 million), the tunnel will be a mile long and 1,600 feet high.

The plan is to bore and blast through Stad Peninsula in western Norway, to allow boats and ships to easily pass through. This is looking to be quite the boon for cruise lines such as Hurtigruten, who will likely be using the route often due to their itineraries.


The current sea route is fraught with danger, a well-known spot where ships get windswept. Since 1945 there have been 46 shipswrecks and 33 deaths in the nearby waters – something that can hopefully be avoided entirely after the tunnel’s completion.

Allowing ships of up to 16,000 metric tons, there’s plenty of cruise ships that can use the tunnel when it is due for completion in 2029.

Take a look below at what this tunnel could look like…

Although the Norwegian government have approved the historic project, it is yet to be cleared by the country’s Parliament.

But we have to ask, are cruisers really going to approve of a massive tunnel being blasted into the hillside – forever altering (ruining?) views of the fjord?

Undoubtedly cruisers will find their journeys running more on time than ever – but is that worth the cost of destroying one part of Norway’s most beautiful and iconic attractions?

The jury is out – though Norwegian MP Bjørn Lødemel is supportive of the project, calling it a ‘historic’.

What do you think? Is the convenience to your journey worth the project, or is cruising through a tunnel your idea of a nightmare? Let us know in the comments below!

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