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No Starbucks, No McDonalds- Just Cuba In Its Very Finest Form

No Starbucks, No McDonalds- Just Cuba In Its Very Finest Form

A holiday should be an escape, right? Well then why visit places that almost mirror home?

Head to Cuba. You won’t find a McDonalds. You won’t find a Starbucks. Instead you’ll be faced with vibrant rhythms and diverse landscapes!

There’s never been a better time to travel to the island of Cuba, and we’ve got a few reasons why…

Havana, Ooh La La

Think about that colourful image of Cuba you have in your head- it all stems from the capital, Havana. It’s as vibrant in life as it is in the pictures, we promise.


You’ll find a bustling square of shops scattered with bohemian bars and don’t expect the city to be short of contemporary art.

Havana will surprise you as you stroll around but don’t forget to take a step back in time with a trip in a 1950’s American convertible!


Just when you thought you’d only be travelling by ship, you’ll be cruising through the Havana suburbs in a classic!


Dive In (Literally)

It’s not all just colourful buildings in the friendly island. Head South to the Bay of Pigs for a peaceful dive without swarms of people.

Throw it back to 1961 to get to know the history of this one…


This was when there was an attempted invasion on the southwestern coast by 1,500 Cuban exiles opposed to Fidel Castro.

The Bay is now found in an area rarely visited so don’t worry about bumping into crowds of tourists. Go here for a bit of quiet snorkelling time!


Light it Up

Yet another thing in Havana that you wouldn’t expect to be a journey back in time…touring a Cuban cigar factory!


You’ll get an insight in the rolling room (a long room full of people sat a wooden rolling desk working their craft), and the boxing room too.

Blank boxes are transformed into the finished project, all by hand which is incredible work to witness!


Put it in a Package

We just wanted to make things a little easier for you…you can do all of the above plus so much more, all in one journey!


Tick these phenomenons off your bucket list:

-8 days escorted tour of Cuba

-4 nights in Havana (with classic car tour)

-Sip on a classic Cuban mojito or Cuban Libre

-Visit a Cuban Cigar Factory

-Snorkel in the Bay of Pigs

-Island hop through the Caribbean

-Visit Che Guevara Memorial

-Explore the UNESCO Vinales Valley

-See the UNESCO Town of Trinidad



Click here to make it so much easier to cruise to Cuba!

Where do you stand with Cuba? Is it still on your bucket list or have you ticked it off already? Is Havana your favourite go-to? Let us know below…

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