Nine Of The Best Bars On MSC Cruises

Nine Of The Best Bars On MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is an Italian-born cruise line offering style and class across its wide variety of specular cruise itineraries. The bars on MSC cruises are equally eclectic and impressive, with its newer ships offering an abundance of venues to suit every taste and requirement. 

Read on to discover the best places to enjoy drinks on MSC Cruises when sailing on your cruise holiday, plus what different drinks packages are available too.

1. MSC Starship Club

Expect a unique futuristic, and immersive experience at this MSC Cruises bar. In MSC Starship Club, your drinks will be served by the first-ever humanoid, robotic bartender at sea, otherwise known as Rob.

Rob is not only skilled at making a wide variety of drinks and engaging with guests using his human-like responsiveness, but he can also speak eight languages! 

While Rob mixes and serves cocktails of your choice, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, you can also take in the 3D holograms, immersive digital wall art and interactive table where you can enjoy your own galactic tour. Currently, MSC Starship is exclusive to MSC’s newest flagship, MSC Virtuosa

2. Wine & Beer Bar

If you are seeking an onboard bar that is a little more traditional and would like to know what beer is served on MSC Cruises, then the best place to head is the cruise line’s Wine & Beer Bar. Here, you can enjoy international beers from Holland, Mexico, Belgium, Germany and the UK. There’s also a range of artisanal beers and a selection of ciders. 

For those who prefer wine, the Wine & Beer Bar serves high-quality tipples from acclaimed regions, such as France, Italy and Spain. You can also partake in wine tastings and lectures. 

3. L’ Atelier Bar & Art

If you enjoy a classy cocktail or two while listening to live music, then the L’ Atelier Bar & Art is the place to be. At this MSC Cruises bar, there are creative signature cocktails and fine wines on the drinks menu. Meanwhile, you’ll be entertained by the sound of live jazz music or by perusing the bar’s pop-up art gallery. 

L’ Atelier Bar & Art can be found on MSC Virtuosa.

4. Sky Lounge and Top Sail Lounge

Two for one at number four, as these two MSC Cruises lounges both offer stunning ocean views from the upper decks. Sky Lounge is found on MSC Bellissima and MSC Grandiosa, while the Top Sail Lounge is on other MSC ships, including MSC Virtuosa and MSC Fantasia

At either venue, you can enjoy live piano music that adds to the lounge’s stylish ambience. And when it comes to drinks, there are plenty of carefully sourced options made with fresh ingredients.

5. Spa Bar

The drinks on MSC Cruises are not all about alcohol. On the contrary, plenty of MSC Bars and Lounges offer delicious non-alcoholic options. One such place is Spa Bar.

Here, you can embrace the healthy approach when choosing from MSC Cruises’ drinks menu of wellness cocktails, smoothies or herbal teas. Based on the colours of nature and designed to refresh and revitalise, they are the perfect tonic for helping you feel good.

6. Coffee Bar

For an alternative, delicious pick-me-up, there’s no place better than the Coffee Bar. From energising espressos to creamy cappuccinos, this MSC Cruises bar serves all the Italian caffeinated classics that will set you up for the day ahead.

On the drinks menu, MSC Cruises Coffee Bar also offers frozen coffees, hot coffee cocktails, hot chocolates and sugar-free options.

7. Champagne Bar

When seeking the utmost luxury for your cruise holiday, pay a visit to the Champagne Bar. This chic MSC Cruises bar serves some of the finest champagne alongside fresh oysters, caviar, and fish that will elevate the elegance of your trip. 

8. TV Studio & Bar

For a fun-filled experience, go for a drink at the TV Studio & Bar, where MSC Cruises broadcasts a variety of live games, quizzes and talent contests. Show off your skill and knowledge while enjoying beer, wine, cocktails or soft drinks.

The TV Studio & Bar is found on several MSC Cruises ships, including MSC Bellissima and MSC Virtuosa.

9. Attic Club

When it’s time for dancing until the small hours, the Attic Club provides the drinks and DJs to keep you going. You’ll find everything from beers and ciders to cocktails and mocktails on the drinks menu at MSC Cruises’ Attic Club.

Meanwhile, the DJ of the night will spin the best-loved tunes in this chic and happening nightclub.

What drinks packages are available?

When deciding whether to buy a drinks package for your MSC Cruises holiday, you have five options to consider: Easy Package, Easy Plus Package, Premium Extra Package, Alcohol-Free Package and Minors Package.

Each of the MSC Cruises drinks packages includes different things, the best one for you will depend on the requirements of you and your travelling party.

The Easy Package

Starting with what is the Easy Drinks Package on MSC Cruises, this is your basic drinks option. It includes drinks such as beer, wine, classic cocktails, soft drinks, hot drinks, and water.

These drinks are available throughout most of the ship but not in the speciality bars and restaurants.

The Easy Plus Package

With the Easy Plus Package, you can enjoy the same drinks as the Easy Package, as well as selected spirits and a greater variety of cocktails. The Easy Plus Package does cover drinks in speciality bars and restaurants, except the Starship Club.

The Premium Extra Package

The Premium Extra Package includes a range of beverages, including cocktails, mocktails, wines, spirits and more all priced up to $16 (£12.60). Drinks can be consumed in all venues, with the exception of the Starship Club and the onboard Lavazza coffee shops.

The Alcohol-Free Drink Package

With this drinks package, MSC Cruises includes all soft drinks, including hot beverages and alcohol-free cocktails.

The Minors Drink Package

The Minors Drink Package includes the same range of drinks as the alcohol-free package but is only available for children 3 to 17 on European cruises and 3 to 20 on North American cruises.

What drinks are free on MSC Cruises?

When going for meals at the main restaurants and self-service buffets, several free drinks are available. These include tea and filtered coffee, iced tea, tap water, milk, chocolate milk and fruit juices (at breakfast).

You’ll also have access to tap water at the buffet at any time of day.

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