Your Next MSC Cruise Will Put The Youngsters In The Spotlight And Here’s How

Your Next MSC Cruise Will Put The Youngsters In The Spotlight And Here’s How

MSC has announced a new MasterChef Juniors at Sea consisting of a two-stage cooking competition for young guests.

The exclusive kids’ cooking competition follows the introduction of MasterChef at Sea programme for adults last year, is available now on MSC Seaview and will roll out fleet-wide starting Spring 2019.

CEO of MSC, Gianni Onorato, has commented: “As a family-owned company, MSC Cruises has always put the needs of families and kids at the heart of the cruise experience and this latest announcement further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing wide and diverse family entertainment. 

We are particularly proud to be extending our partnership with MasterChef to include the younger members of the family.

We already offer a comprehensive schedule of activities around the clock for kids of all ages, but we have worked tirelessly with the producers of MasterChef to create an immersive experience that is fun and interactive.”

It will be open to kids aged between 5 and 12 and will bring the globally-recognised MasterChef show to life onboard in the form of a two-stage cooking competition.

The activity has been designed to keep the whole family entertained and inspire a new generation of children to take an interest in cooking and healthy eating.

Guests can expect recipes of fresh and healthy ingredients where possible with the opportunity for the children to practice useful techniques such as grating, cutting and peeling to cultivate creativity in the kitchen.

A MasterChef contestant from 2013, Rukmini Iyerhas, has devised all of the recipes and is also the author of two best-selling cookbooks including “The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian”.

As a family-owned company, MSC is proud to always put the needs of families at the heart of the cruise experience and its award-winning family offering includes a flexible group accommodations, dedicated kids’ areas, babysitting services, and a range of destination-specific excursions.

From next summer, kids across the entire MSC fleet can take part in the following two stages of MasterChef Juniors at Sea:

1- A unique interactive cooking masterclass with an MSC Executive Chef who will work with kids to create a culinary masterpiece, sharing some of their best tips for making healthy and tasty dishes.

Whilst collecting their certificates, contestants will be invited to a second round: the live show in the main theatre.

2- 20 children will be selected at random from the theatre audience to take to the stage and participate in a ‘mystery box challenge.’

Each contestant will be given a box full of mystery ingredients and asked to create a special recipe- with help from the Executive Chef, they can show their culinary flair and unique personality to complete a dish for a panel of guest judges.

Family members are welcomed to watch proudly from the audience as their youngsters take the spotlight and receive MSC prizes to take home.

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What do you think of MasterChef Juniors at Sea? Would you be delighted for your kids to have a go at cooking creatively and competitively onboard? Are these the type of activities you look for on your family holiday? Leave us your comments!

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